high technology

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high technology

highly sophisticated, often electronic, techniques used in manufacturing and other processes
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high tech

(high TECHnology) High tech refers to the latest advancements in computers and electronics as well as to the social and political environment and consequences created by such machines. Contrast with high touch and low tech. See Big Tech and hard tech.

Yet Still Superstitious
Even though we live in such a high-tech world, humanity is still very superstitious. Where is the 13th floor in this building?

Yet Still Superstitious
Even though we live in such a high-tech world, humanity is still very superstitious. Where is the 13th floor in this building?
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A number of measures were taken by China to (a) upgrade technology level of its business enterprises, (b) establish high technology industrial zones, (c) link Foreign Direct Investment to the development of indigenous technologies, and (d) make massive investments in universities and research centres so that the required manpower could be made available.
Huawei superior high technology product Honor 5X is coupled with 6GB free internet for 6 months with Mobilink.
Nominees for this award represent the value of continued investments in high technology machinery --investments necessary to compete successfully in today's global market.
Manmohan Singh during the second Indo-German governmental consultations in April 2013 in Berlin, where both Governments agreed to expand trade and cooperation in high technology. ( ANI )
Still, one needs to be cautious in interpreting the relationship between degree production and high technology employment.
We can create more opportunities between high technology and higher education, for example, by better connecting more interns with companies.
In an exciting vision for the economy, one of the UK's most successful innovators suggests the next UK government must put science and engineering at the centre of its thinking and that the number of high technology companies must be expanded through policies that combine entrepreneurial culture with an ability to innovate.
Thus, the objective of the present research is to establish strategic priorities for a successful development of high technology business in Lithuania.
In 2006, Massachusetts began to experience a decline in the competitiveness of its high technology manufacturing sector that contributed to a decline in the state's population.
"We believe that this is an exceptional opportunity to provide technology transfer among varied enterprises in a real estate environment specifically designed to meet the unique needs of high technology tenants," stated Gregory N.
Sigma-Aldrich is a leading Life Science and High Technology company.
"We want to end the perception abroad that there are no high technology firms in Mexico," says Alejandro Gonzalez, who heads the government's economic office for small and medium businesses.

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