High Water

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high water

[′hī ¦wȯd·ər]

High Water


the relatively prolonged and significant rise in the water level of a river; it occurs each year at the same season. High water is usually associated with the overflowing of the channel and flooding of the floodplain. It is caused by prolonged, intensified influx of water from the spring melting of snow on plains, the summer thawing of snow and glaciers in mountains, or heavy seasonal rains (for example, related to summer monsoons). High water caused by the spring thaw is typical for rivers that flow through plains. They include rivers in which spring runoff is predominant (for example, the Volga and Ural) and rivers in which summer runoff is greater (for example, the Anadyr’, Yukon, and Mackenzie). High water caused by summer thawing of mountain snow and ice is typical of the rivers of Middle Asia, the Caucasus, and the Alps. High water caused by summer monsoonal rains characterizes the rivers of Southeast Asia (for example, the Yangtze and Mekong).

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High water covered roads and pastures in parts of rural Lane County, closing Highway 126 near Cushman for much of the day.
A lot of low-lying areas near the river beds are experiencing some flooding, and country roads and rural roads are covered with high water," said Cook, the emergency manager.
High water closed Highway 126 at Cushman for much of the day.
In the Mohawk Valley, high water closed Old Mohawk Road and covered parts of Sunderman Road, including much of the back nine at Springfield Country Club.
But high water remained along the interstate in many locations, and ODOT spokesman Jared Castle urged motorists to drive with caution: Avoid cruise control, drive with two hands, don't pump anti-lock brakes, and if motorists hit standing water, they should take their foot off the gas and make no sudden turns.
It was closed at Gardiner, south of Florence, for most of the day, due to high water.
Adrian Palmer, who will this year be embarking on his fifth year of touring with Mikron, joins the production of Hell and High Water.
Hell and High Water opens at Marsden Mechanics Hall on Saturday, April 23.