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The majority of Ossabaw swine clearly develop insulin resistance when exposed to a high-fat, high-calorie diet (Figure 1).
Of these two groups, one received a high-calorie diet rich in carbohydrates, and the other a high-calorie diet rich in fats.
When vet Dr Joe Hollins noticed, he immediately put Jonathan on a high-calorie diet of apples, carrots, cucumber, bananas and guava.
Researchers conducted a double-blind study of healthy, but centrally overweight men to compare the effects of high intakes of two types of sugar, glucose and fructose, in two conditions - weight-maintaining (moderate-calorie diet) and weight-gaining (high-calorie diet).
Dr Mustafa Nisar Khan, emergency medicine physician, Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, said residents have a misconception that fasting for more than 14 hours compensates for a high-calorie diet.
Promoters of the diet claim that weight less was not originally a major consideration of the diet, but that the book provides tools for adapting the relatively high-calorie diet for weight-loss purpose.
Eibl and his colleagues set out to model diet-induced obesity and the development of pancreas cancer in a set of mice and then compare them to genetically identical mice that had not been given a high-fat, high-calorie diet.
To do their work, the team fed some rats a high-calorie diet and fed others a normal diet for 12 weeks.
(5) They demonstrated that while middle-aged mice fed a high-calorie diet suffered the ravages of obesity--including metabolic changes resembling diabetes, liver and heart damage, and premature death--mice that were fed resveratrol in addition to the high-calorie diet actually exhibited beneficial changes in their physiology, resembling those of mice fed a standard diet.
Another group of mice, which had been engineered to have extra osteocalcin, stayed thin despite being fed a high-calorie diet. These animals also maintained higher insulin concentrations and better sensitivity to insulin than the mice lacking osteocalcin did, the team reports in the Aug.
A friend of mine had been on the Cambridge Weight Plan, where you swap your high-calorie diet for soups, shakes and bars and looked amazing, I decided to give it a go.
London, Feb 4 (ANI): Hollywood star Hugh Jackman has revealed that he is on a high-calorie diet in preparation for the next installment of his hit film franchise, 'Wolverine'.