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HD formats

Following is a summary of high-definition (HD) digital video formats, which provide 720 or 1080 lines of resolution. In the past, high-definition analog TV systems were developed; however, their usage was miniscule compared to the standard-definition (SD) analog NTSC, PAL and SECAM TV formats (see HD analog formats and SD formats).

The digital formats are captured on camcorders and transferred to the computer via memory card, storage drive or uploading via cable or wireless. In the past, tape cassettes were the recording medium. HD content reaches the user via the Internet, broadcast TV, satellite TV, cable TV or Blu-ray disc. In addition to editing the content, there are often one or more format conversions between the video capture and the final viewing format. See DTV and codec examples.

More Attributes in Digital Video
Unlike analog formats, which are tied directly to analog NTSC and PAL TVs, there are many more encoding variables in HD digital formats. Merely stating that a movie is in a particular format, especially if the format is not tied to magnetic tape, does not indicate the resolution or quality of the recording. For details about digital encoding variables, see video format. For standard-definition video formats, see SD formats.

The standard HD optical disc. See Blu-ray.

An HD format that uses the highest-quality modes of the H.264 standard. See AVC-Intra.

An HD format for camcorders based on Blu-ray, H.264 and Dolby Digital standards. See AVCHD.

D-5 HD
The HD version of the D5 videotape format. See D-5.

D-9 HD
The HD version of the D-9 videotape format, which uses VHS cassettes containing enhanced magnetic tape. See D-9.

A high-quality editing format from Avid for post- production workflows. See DNxHD.

The HD version of Panasonic's variant of the DV format. See DVCPRO and DV.

The HD version of DivX. Popular for online downloading due to its high compression. See DivX.

The HD version of Sony's Digital Betacam half-inch tape format. See HDCAM.

HD DVD optical discs competed with Blu-ray until 2008 and lost. See HD DVD and Beta/VHS debacle.

The HD version of the DV magnetic tape format. See HDV and DV.

A high-quality editing format from Apple for post- production workflows. See ProRes.

The HD version of Sony's tapeless camcorder format. See XDCAM.

Chinese Formats
There have been several HD formats introduced in the Chinese market that were developed to avoid paying royalties to other countries, including the Forward Versatile Disc (see FVD) and Enhanced Versatile Disc (see EVD).

Russian Formats
D Data Inc., a Russian company with offices in New York, appeared briefly in the 2007 time frame and then disappeared. It touted its High Definition Digital Multi-layer Disc (HD-DMD) format, using multiple layers and the same red laser as a DVD drive.
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As new high-definition formats become standard, Netflix's standard-def plan begins to look like a relic -- and its 4K plan begins to look like less of an extravagance.
It is said that implementing the HDR and 4K content will prove to be beneficial for the company, rather than a simpler resolution, since popular online movie and television platforms like Netflix and Amazon support the two high-definition formats.
-- Digital re-mastering and conversion of movie and television content using our proprietary technology to include both 2D, 3D and high-definition formats.
This tenth edition is revised and reorganized to take into account recent changes in the field of video production, with increased emphasis on digital and high-definition formats. It features annotated screen shot examples of nonlinear editing programs, information on preparing video for use on the Internet and portable devices, and additional emphasis throughout on video production for newscasts.
"Our Professional Products Group plays a significant role in supporting the development of high-definition formats, including the contribution of core IP to HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc joint portfolio licenses.
market in 2006, Blockbuster began offering the high-definition formats on all titles in which it was available through blockbuster.com.
High-definition formats take advantage of technology that allows for more data to be included on an optical disc, so movies can be released with the picture quality that matches the maximum capability of a high-definition television, with space left over for advanced "bonus features" and interactivity.
His studio provides motion picture and video facilities and services including location and studio film production in 35 mm, 16 mm and 24p high-definition formats; commercial grip and lighting packages; 3-D computer animation and high-definition input capabilities; and postproduction.
Television broadcast over the internet is an enticing prospect for viewers who could choose between scores of shows in standard as well as high-definition formats.
HP, itself a major supporter of the Blu-ray format, said its proposal reflects its desire to ensure that customers are not forced to choose between competing high-definition formats for DVDs.
The new HD GVO solution supports 720p, 1035i and 1080i ATSC high-definition formats via software controls, offering operators a great deal of flexibility.

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