high-frequency communications

high-frequency (HF) communications

The communications carried out at frequencies between 3 and 30 MHz. HF waves are dependent mostly on reflected sky waves and are affected by ionospheric conditions. HF is used for long-range communications. The lower frequencies in this range are more suitable at night, and the higher frequencies are more suitable for day operation. Expected ranges may vary up to 15,000 NM or more.
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In addition the company will announce a new battlespace management award and next-generation high-frequency communications milestone.
They are capable of significantly disrupting the world's technology, including GPS systems, power grids, and high-frequency communications.
He added: "I believe this application will have tremendous implications in high-frequency communications and electronics.
A professor of electrical engineering at UH-Manoa, Shiroma specializes in secure, high-frequency communications systems that could someday link nanosatellites to each other as they spin around the Earth.
A new range of low-profile standard-size RFI screening cans is now available for controlling EMI/RFI in microwave and high-frequency communications applications.
In fact, Meyerson sees the technology becoming a standard for high-frequency communications applications.
8 million competitive contract to provide the US Army with an enhanced version of an automated transportable high-frequency communications intercept collection and emitter location system called Enhanced Trackwolf.
Moreover, Huawei has established technical cooperation on high-frequency communications with over 10 universities and institutions around the world, and has published 51 academic papers in the IEEE journals and conferences.
High-Frequency Communications -- Cubic is making inroads in the military community with the integration of its HF power amplifiers aboard U.
In 2015, ZTE continued its research into key 5G technologies covering network architecture design, multi-antenna technologies, high-frequency communications, IoT integration, new services (such as D2D, M2X, and URC), and much more.
Additional Rockwell Collins equipment includes: traffic alert and collision avoidance system, air data system, high-frequency communications, centralized maintenance system and an array of optional equipment such as VHF data link and satellite communications systems.
As a pioneer in this field, the company will continue to develop its cooperation in high-frequency communications, IoT, multi-user shared access (MUSA), and other fields to jointly promote global standardisation and the development of the 5G ecosystem.

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