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Very important: With any pass rush move you teach, you must always coach your players to have a plan for every down in case they get a high-hat read.
Within the housewares section, the chain positions three-way lights adjacent to lamps, along with a limited array of such fixtures as high-hat and track lighting.
Or, against an immaculately fast high-hat rhythm, he plays a constant bass drum beat which, so slowly, so infinitesimally, itself slows.
In the midst of a heat wave, there's nothing cooler than an icy blast of a tenor saxophone chased by a chilly high-hat and smooth acoustic bass.
Lovano is warmly romantic, Frisell, unusually, chooses a conventional jazz guitar sound, yet Motian makes it adventurous and exceptional by accenting a highly original high-hat beat.
Brooks, on the other hand, arrived at his spring 2001 preem and gave the high-hat treatment to the press, parceling out two (two, count 'em, two) interviews as if each were an audience with the pope.
In May, Creative Bath added another 500-ton injection-molding machine to its production line, and converted all of its factory lighting to LED high-hats.
Made from UL-compliant, high temperature, flame-retardant plastics, Fluorescent Fixers are perfect for high-hats and track light cans.
At Progress Lighting, the innovation was decorative recessed trims that convert high-hats to softer light fixtures with a spring-loaded mechanism.