high-resolution monitor

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high-resolution monitor

A computer monitor with a resolution that exceeds 1,080 lines. Following are the common resolutions.

Consumer Grade

  1920x1080    See  DTV.

  High-Resolution Monitor Examples

  1600x1200    See  UXGA.

  2560x1440    See  QHD.

  2560x1600    See  WQXGA.

  3840x2160    See  Ultra HD.

  5120x2880    See  5K monitor.
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Now, however, high-resolution monitors are more affordable and readily available to even the smallest lab.
Then add the visor with a display for each eye, giving the effect of watching a 54-inch high-resolution monitor from six feet away.
Simply fitted to the scope's eyepiece bayonet, this optics innovation is an ideal combination of a digital camera with normal functions, a 2-3/8" high-resolution monitor and an eyepiece all in one.
The DCM attaches to a spotting scope's eyepiece bayonet, and features a 2-3/8" high-resolution monitor. The 5-megapixel camera is multi-compatible, with five bayonet fittings now available for scopes from Zeiss, Leica, Swarovski, Kowa and the Minox MD 62 series.
Scan results can be displayed on a connected laptop or a local high-resolution monitor, www.ge.com/inspectiontechnologies.
The Model DX-50 provides direct digital, cabinet x-ray imaging when used in conjunction with a desktop computer and high-resolution monitor. The compact, tabletop design allows digital imaging of small samples in both manufacturing and laboratory environments.
A color 9-inch high-resolution monitor is provided with front-panel mounted monitor controls and includes an adjustable sun hood/protective cover.
This high-resolution monitor is capable of 1,024 (R, G, B, x 3) x 768 dpi with a 0.297 x 0.297 mm pixel pitch, 16.7 million colors by dithering and a typical contrast of 350:1.
Immune to magnetic interference fields of up to 15,000 gauss, the MRI/18 liquid-crystal display monitor can be used with the MRI, enabling surgeons to operate while simultaneously viewing the procedure on a high-resolution monitor. Previously, according to the company's president, physicians using conventional MRI cathode ray display monitors had to remain outside the unit's magnetic field, a distance of between 20 to 50 feet.
Consisting of inspection software preloaded on a customized PC system, a precision turntable and controller, and a high-resolution monitor, the X-ray system can perform the following functions:
Pixels today are 30 microns wide for color displays--more than adequate for HDTV applications--but will need further reduction for high-resolution monitor standards such as QSVGA.
In addition, the use of a high-resolution monitor increases accuracy while reducing operator fatigue, according to the company.

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