high-resolution sampling rates

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high-resolution sampling rates

Following is a list of common digital sample sizes and sampling rates for high-quality audio. See high-resolution audio, DSD and high-resolution audio sources.

Sample                         Stereo  Size     Sampling Rate       Transfer (Bits)  Samples Per Second      Rate

   16     44,056 (44.1 kHz)**  1409 kbps

   16     48,000 (48 kHz)      1536 kbps

   24     88,200 (88.2 kHz)    4234 kbps

   24     96,000 (96 kHz)      4608 kbps

   24    176,400 (176.4 kHz)   8467 kbps

   24    192,000 (192 kHz)     9216 kbps

   24    384,000 (384 kHz)    18432 kbps

   Compressed MP3 files (for comparison)

           Common MP3 file:    128 kbps

           High-res MP3 file:  320 kbps

   ** Standard music CD (see  CD-DA)
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By utilizing high-resolution samples and sophisticated simulation of crucial sonic aspects like sustain pedal behavior and string resonance, ALICIA'S KEYS sets a benchmark in the digital recreation of acoustic instruments.
Crisp color graphics allow the retailer to view high-resolution samples and examine product specifications and price ranges over the Web.

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