high-speed turnoff

high-speed taxiway (HST)

high-speed taxiway (HST)
A long radius taxiway designed and provided with lighting or a marking to define the paths of aircraft, traveling at high speed (up to 60 knots), from the runway center to a point on the center of a taxiway. The high-speed taxiway is designed to expedite aircraft turning off the runway after landing, thus reducing runway occupancy time. Also called a long radius exit, high-speed exit, high-speed turnoff, rapid exit taxiway, or turnoff taxiway.
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We pushed as hard as possible during a high-speed turnoff in a Beringer-equipped Cirrus and experienced no fade or skid.
We got aggressive with the Beringers on a high-speed turnoff and immediately sensed more confident stopping power than the older braking system.
At the New Athens International Airport (ATH) opened in March, 2001, the two runways and all high-speed turnoffs were surfaced with HMA pavement required, as per ICAO regulations, to meet the friction coefficient of 0.