high-tech regions

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high-tech regions

The following areas with a high concentration of computer, electronics or Internet companies have been given their own nicknames. The premier location in the world is Silicon Valley in California, south of San Francisco. See also high-tech people.

Name             Location Silicon Valley   Northern California

  Silicon Beach    Southern California

  Silicon Alley    New York City

  Nerd Street      Philadelphia

  Silicon Forest   Northern Oregon

  Silicon Prairie  Austin, Texas

  Silicon Desert   Phoenix, Arizona

  Silicon Slopes   Salt Lake City, Utah

  Silliwood        Hollywood

  Silicon Glen     Scotland

  Silicon Wadi     Israel

  Bit Valley       Tokyo
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A strong conclusion drawn from the relevant literature is that there is a cultural divide between low-tech and high-tech regions.
Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, and dozens of high-tech regions in between rest on the skills of talented programmers, designers, and developers, many of whom are barely out of college - if they finished college at all.
Some regional leaders are pre-occupied with strategies long discarded in other high wage, high-tech regions.
In Oregon, as in other high-tech regions, such factors as the availability of land and labor, the proximity to other high-tech firms, and the desirability of the region as a place to live were more important than tax policy.
BioRN was selected by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) as one of the five most significant high-tech regions in Germany.
4) An indicator of the close exchange of ideas between San Jose and Austin can be found in the increasing availability of direct flights between these two high-tech regions.
The group would watch not only Internet-specific legislative proposals, but other matters of interest to high-tech regions, such as encryption policy and intellectual property rights.
The BioRN cluster was distinguished as one of the five most significant high-tech regions in Germany and will receive part of the 200 million Euro federal grant.
In the latter phases of this project, other high-tech regions will be added to the Index.