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a sailing vessel used in Chinese waters and characterized by a very high poop, flat bottom, and square sails supported by battens



a wooden cargo sailboat with two to four masts, used for navigating the rivers and seacoasts of Southeast Asia. During the era of sailing ships, junks were used for military purposes; today they are used for transporting cargo, frequently also serving as dwellings. Junks have a shallow draft and a cargo capacity of up to 600 tons. Other characteristics include a very broad, almost rectangular, upraised prow and stern and quadrangular sails made of mats and bamboo poles.

What does it mean when you dream about junk?

Junk symbolizes things that need to be let go of and discarded. In a dream, junk can also indicate rejected parts of the self that need to be reappropriated.

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CFOs can maximize shareholder value while remaining independent by using the same tools that raiders use: divestitures and high-yield bonds.
Last year, the combined, weighted, after-tax yield of this portfolio of municipals, government, and high-yield bonds would have been 6.
1991, "Hedging the Equity Risk of High-Yield Bonds," Financial Analysts Journal (September/October), 41-50.
Investor interest in high-yield bonds has coincided with a boom in issuance over the past two years.
Should interest rates begin to creep back up or default activity increase, the high-yield bond fund market could see some price pressure.
Analysts say that the average high-yield bond fund has just over 8% in bonds rated below B, making the Dreyfus fund quite risky.
While the war in Iraq and the political tensions that preceded it have hurt stocks lately, their effect on the high-yield bond market has been virtually unnoticeable," continues Friedman.
DLJ's high-yield bond department currently consists of 30 professionals engaged in the sales, trading, underwriting and analysis of non-investment grade securities.
Now over four years old, the conservative Pax World High-Yield Fund (PAXHX) is the only socially responsible high-yield bond mutual fund in the United States.
High-yield bonds are not suitable for all investors and the risks of these bonds should be weighed against the potential rewards.
The top ten most active fixed-coupon high-yield bonds appear in the Bond Market Data bank section under "High-Yield Bonds" and the chart includes the same data points as the high-grade chart.
Most of the Fund's investors are cognizant of the risks of high-yield bonds and have committed a portion of their assets to the Fund as part of a long-term strategy.