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le Prince has charged me to convey this letter to your royal highness, and I am to wait for an answer to it."
le Prince at first gave me the message verbally, but upon reflection his highness took up his pen."
Kutiizov's adjutant whispered to Prince Andrew that this was the wife of the priest whose home it was, and that she intended to offer his Serene Highness bread and salt.
"My lord -- I beg your highness's pardon -- but I must beg for half an hour's leave of absence."
"Because Monseigneur Mazarin is a prouder man than his highness, though not of such high birth: he forgot to ask me to breakfast."
Go and turn over the music for his Highness. My dear," (to the Wardeness) "will you show him what to do?
"Of the Lions, your highness must say," said Sancho, "for there is no Rueful Countenance nor any such character now."
Monseigneur," the Captain answered sadly, "I should like it much better if these two difficulties were still in your Highness's way of becoming de facto Stadtholder of Holland."
The Captain bowed, allowed the Prince to ride ahead and, for the remainder of the journey, kept at the same respectful distance as he had done before his Highness called him to his side.
``A Frenchman brought it hither, who said, he had ridden night and day to put it into the hands of your highness.''
Your highness must break short this present mummery.''
"It would be better," said Aramis, bowing, "that I should not be appointed first minister until your royal highness has procured my nomination as cardinal."