Hinge Line

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hinge line

[′hinj ‚līn]
The line separating the region in which a beach has been thrust upward from that in which it is horizontal.
A line in the plane of a hinge fault separating the part of a fault along which thrust or reverse movement occurred from that having normal movement.

Hinge Line


a line connecting the points of maximum bending of the strata in a fold. If a series of strata is compressed into a

Figure 1. Hinge lines: (a) the hinge line of an anticline, (b) the hinge line of a syncline

fold, each stratum has its own hinge line, and the plane that passes through the corresponding series of hinge lines is called the axial surface of the fold.

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The same observation was also true to the hinge line of the three species which is arched.
When the area of flow separation reaches the hinge line for the elevator the relative low pressure of the flow separation or rotor acts to pull the elevator toward it, that is, downward.
Shell shape was convex--convex, with direct hinge line.
9) lies in juxtaposition to a right valve, hinge line to hinge line, and is unornamented.
Sasaki (1979) recognized four stages in larval development; straight hinge or D-shaped larvae with a straight hinge line, two stages of umbonate larvae; an early umbonate stage in which a slight protrusion could be observed at the center of the hinge line, which as a result could no longer be regarded as straight; a late umbonate stage in which the straight hinge line bad completely disappeared and the umbo extended over the full length of the hinge line and an eyespotted stage in which a noticeable eyespot was present (Fig.
Tightening is furthermore, not a general feature of the transect but becomes more pronounced toward the Fredericton Fault, just as the same folds display more strongly curvilinear hinge lines (Figs 6, 7).
In the best specimen, the pectoral-abdominal sulcus is congruent with a hinge line, consistent with plastral kinesis.
has added a new Steel Cup series to its System 2000SA concealed hinge line for cabinet applications that call for one-piece hinge design with minimal protrusion.
Shell dorsibiconvex; transverse suboval to almost subrectangular outline, with maximum width between hinge line and midlength; radial ornament multicostellate, with 11-13 rounded ribs per 3 mm along the anterior margin; ventral muscle field large, bilobed, elongate, extended anterior to midlength; cardinal process undivided.