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see mulemule,
hybrid offspring of a male donkey (see ass) and a female horse, bred as a work animal. The name is also sometimes applied to the hinny, the offspring of a male horse and female donkey; hinnies are considered inferior to mules.
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a hybrid between a female ass and a stallion. In appearance, the hinny resembles the horse more than the ass; it is usually smaller than the mule (a hybrid between an ass and a mare) and not as strong. In China, the crossbreeding of large female Shangtung asses with stallions has resulted in large hinnies, which are stronger than Chinese mules. Hinnies, except those raised in China, have almost no economic significance.


the sterile hybrid offspring of a male horse and a female donkey or ass
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First, 100 areas from hinny, stallion and Jack donkey were selected randomly to count the mean number and percentage of that area occupied by tubules, per unit area (660/1 [mm.
The X chromosome in hinny was the fourth longest in the maternal donkey.
Thursday, January 20 witnessed the launch of the long-anticipated Tyneside Fiddle Alliance, a project designed by local musicians Stewart Hardy and Hinny Pawsey to further highlight the region's cultural wealth by focusing on centuries of acclaimed Northern fiddle music.
SINGIN' HINNIES (Makes 6-8) A SINGIN' hinny is a kind of scone that you bake on a hot griddle.
Gladys A'm gannin' ower here to look doon-bye at two of the Bairns Brenda and Matthew, what for Matty Hinny, Something tae div with wor memory, canny bit of work they've done.
OCTOBER'S come around again That's al a heve to say And for al the folk in Geordie land It's National Dialect Day You divint have to talk proper Like the folk on the BBC Just talk like the Hairy Bikers And it should fill your heart with glee Wor Harry's on the dole ye narr But he dusn't hang aroond He gets his cart and horses oot And for al to see Collects owld clazz and bits of scrap To help his family So sing the Blaydon Races And Geordie Hinny too But make sure you get the dialect right On this important day Or you may end up talking posh Like the folk in Whitley Bay.
The Emerson family, from Walbottle, Newcastle, got together at grandmother Sheila's house on George Street, Crawcrook, Gateshead, to record a version of Joe Wilson's North East folk song Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinny especially for Journal readers.
Dr Jones, 52, who speaks half a dozen different languages, said: "I was looking for an original angle and a fresh view on the poem, and I thought of dialect works like the song Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinny, and the combination of Northumbrian and the Geordie way of speaking I hear around me in Newcastle.
First they seem to have invented the story about Hinny and Pet, and now they seem to have invented a story about conkers.
Pet, hinny and love are still on the agenda for employees of a North-East council, after bosses last night insisted the traditional phrases had not been banned.