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see mulemule,
hybrid offspring of a male donkey (see ass) and a female horse, bred as a work animal. The name is also sometimes applied to the hinny, the offspring of a male horse and female donkey; hinnies are considered inferior to mules.
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a hybrid between a female ass and a stallion. In appearance, the hinny resembles the horse more than the ass; it is usually smaller than the mule (a hybrid between an ass and a mare) and not as strong. In China, the crossbreeding of large female Shangtung asses with stallions has resulted in large hinnies, which are stronger than Chinese mules. Hinnies, except those raised in China, have almost no economic significance.

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the sterile hybrid offspring of a male horse and a female donkey or ass
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Karyotyping of the hinny, stallion, and Jack donkey
With shorter ears, a hinny has a more horselike head and a long, full tail, but the smaller body of a donkey.
Yesterday, one council workman said: "We are not allowed to call women 'pet', 'hinny', 'dear', 'darling', 'sweetheart' or love'.
The guides' walking tour, titled Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinny, starts tomorrow at 2.30pm from the Chinese Arch in Stowell Street, Newcastle.
Well all that's gone down the pan now thanks to the anallyretentive jobsworths at Newcastle City Council who, apart from spending their days looking up their own backsides (in lieu of having nothing better to do), have now decided that the ageold words "pet, hinny and love" are insulting, and so they've banned them.
His popular tunes were sung in the street, concert halls, pubs and even schools and yet most today will only be familiar with the chorus of his best known song, Keep Yor Feet Still Geordey Hinny (that contemporary spelling of 'Geordey' is engraved on the plaque).
have banned workers from saying pet, hinny or sweetheart in case it offends anyone are wrong.
Invariably on joining the queue the person in front of me would ask, "How far are you gannin hinny" or sometimes, "bonny lad" and I would then be ushered forward until the only ones in front of me were going further than I was and had been treated with the same consideration.
2 Who wrote the North East classic Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinny? 8 A childhood friend of Pink Floyd legend Syd Barrett is developing a hospital garden in his honour in which city?
Fresh fish and meat, direct from the monger, "Three for a pound hinny"sales acted out centre stage.
What is a Hinny? Offspring of a stallion and a jenny donkey 1.