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see rap musicrap music
or hip-hop,
genre originating in the mid-1970s among black and Hispanic performers in New York City, at first associated with an athletic style of dancing, known as breakdancing.
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India is witnessing rap or hip-hop as the new fad in films, brands, and even political parties are incoporating it to promote an idea or an ideology.
Kurtis uses his ability to create and deliver smooth rap lyrics to relate Jesus to the Hip-Hop audience.
Flowsik's lyrics of real-life stories and relationships are what make him one of the most daring figures in Korean hip-hop.
The prevalence of hip-hop culture is apparent to anyone who uses social media.
Jeddah: Hassan Ahmad Dennaoui, or better known by his emcee name, Big Hass, is the successful radio host of the Laish Hip-Hop show on Saudi Mix FM which has been seven years running.
"My first time on stage was in Lebanon in 1997," he says, by way of answering a question on the history of Lebanese hip-hop. "Breakdancing came during the 90's to Beirut and at this time they were also some graffiti in Lebanon.
From the entrepreneurial might of early pioneers to the freshest faces in home-grown grime, Birmingham's little documented but long-standing reputation as a producer and consumer of all-things hip-hop continues to gather pace with the arrival of a major hip-hop event in Birmingham this weekend.
The Cambridge Companion to Hip-Hop, which is dedicated to memory of scholar Adam Krims, does not seek to present itself as a groundbreaking work in hip-hop scholarship and thought.
Hence the author sits down with leadership of the five major national hip-hop organizations, a larger part of the force that is driving the innovative marriage between hip-hop and civic engagement--The League of Young Voters, The Hip-Hop Congress, The National Hip-Hop Political Convention, The Hip-Hop Caucus and The Hip-Hop Summit Action Network.
Several other faculty members at Georgetown teach classes that explore the world of hip-hop using the visual arts, literature, dance, music and theater.