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see rap musicrap music
or hip-hop,
genre originating in the mid-1970s among black and Hispanic performers in New York City, at first associated with an athletic style of dancing, known as breakdancing.
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People hear about our hip-hop program through friends, or they'll see us perform and want to learn more," says Delmar Reyna, director of the Renegade Stylez Krew at Next Step Dance Performing Arts Center in Frisco, TX.
Spady's work in the area of rap and Hip-Hop is driven and informed by an epistemology of both spatially shared meaning and the dynamics of shared ontological space/place that constitute matrices that presuppose mutually shared intelligibility.
Review of Hip-hop Japan: Rap and the paths of cultural globalization, by Iran Condry.
This presence of hip-hop in academe is not without some emerging dilemmas.
This bibliographical essay provides descriptions of wide array of resources relating to hip-hop culture and rap music, and its final section is devoted to the collecting of hip-hop and rap materials by libraries.
Hip-hop culture, formed on the coattails of the Civil Rights Movement by working-class African-Americans, West Indians and Latinos, is a male-centered urban folk art with five core elements, according to Afrika Bambaataa, one of its pioneers: the DJ, the MC or rapper, the dance, the graffiti, and the knowledge.
These authors analyze the power of hip-hop and encourage churches not to denounce it but to embrace it as a tool for reaching today's youth.
We just bringing both sets of fans together, 'cause you know both sets of fans, hip-hop and rock, are going through similar things, just in a different way.
The hip-hop generation, whose members have propagated hip hop culture and rap music, does not form a homogeneous group, so I want to define as closely as possible who the hip hop generation is.
A highly intelligent and talented student, Chuck D attended Adelphi University in Long Island, where he put his artistic skills to use by designing posters for the burgeoning hip-hop scene.