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a genus of bulbaceous, herbaceous perennial plants of the Amaryllidaceae family. There are about 75 subtropical and tropical American species that are raised everywhere (frequently under the name “amaryllis”) as house plants and in hothouses. In the south they are raised on open soil. They are plants with long ribbon-like or belt-like leaves and large funnel-shaped or bell-shaped flowers of various colors set on high floral shoots. The ribbon Hippeastrum (H. vittatum) and the tall Hippeastrum (H. procerum) are among the species raised in the USSR.


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Table 1--Potential of hydrogen (pH), electrical conductivity (EC), wet bulk density (DW), dry bulk density (Dd), total porosity (TP), air filled porosity (AFP), easily available water (EAW), buffer water (BW) and remaining water (RW) from different substrates used for the acclimatization of Hippeastrum reticulatum var.
Effect of growing media and mineral fertilization on growth, flowering, bulbs productivity and chemical constituents of Hippeastrum vittatum, Herb.
Key words: Amaryllis hippeastrum; Bulb; Shoot initiation; acclimatization.
In this work, the activity of four isoquinolines alkaloids isolated from Hippeastrum species was investigated through the assay of AChE activity developed by Ellman et al.
Se hizo observaciones sobre el dano causado por el picudo en plantas de amaryllis (Hippeastrum hybrids) en recipientes infestadas naturalmente en un invernadero o plantas usadas para criar la colonia.
El cariotipo fundamental del genero Hippeastrum Herb.
Related Family Members in Book: Agapanthus, Allium, Amaryllis, Hippeastrum, Nerine, and Triteleia
OVER the next few weeks millions of Amaryllis bulbs will be sold all over Europe - I must correct myself and use the proper name, which is Hippeastrum.
Description: Hippeastrum has four to six trumpet-shaped flowers clustered together in an umbel pattern at the top of a thick, hollow, leafless stem.
When hippeastrum (amaryllis) bulbs have finished flowering cut off the dead flowers, leaving the stem intact.
FINISHING A ROOM: Most gardeners - and a lot of non-gardeners, come to think of it - are familiar with hippeastrum, often marketed for Christmas blooming as amaryllis.