hipped roof

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hipped roof, hip roof

A roof comprising adjacent flat surfaces that slope upward from all sides of the perimeter of the building, requiring a hip rafter along each intersection of the inclined surfaces; also see pyramidal roof.

hip roof, hipped roof

hip roof
A roof which slopes upward from all four sides of a building, requiring a hip rafter at each corner.
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Two gables set in the multi-level hipped roof create eye appeal for the exterior of this modified Colonial home.
| R Butterfield, removal of existing hipped roof, building of replacement roof with dormer windows, alterations to existing garage and building of singlestorey rear extension, 8 Far End Lane, Honley.
Dating to the 1930s, it now classes as period and retains its classic looks of the era with neat hipped roof detail, timbered gable, bay windows and multi-paned leaded windows.
Four gables adorn the hipped roof of this two-story brick home.
A rapid development of domestic architecture followed, culminating in Casa Bedo, Johannesburg (1936 by Cowin & Ellis), a free plan form and Miesian spatial organisation adapted to local conditions by wide eaves and a hipped roof reminiscent of Herbert Baker.
Two storey side extension with extended hipped roof over, 130 Wakefield Road, Lightcliffe, Brighouse.
This gracious home features a series of arched windows and a deep hipped roof that are reminiscent of historical styles yet have the flavor of a contemporary sun-country home.
A carefully-planned extension to the side echoes the hipped roof design of the house adding flexible extra space.
THE Council has made the following decisions: Conditional permission: A Gammel, formation of hipped roof to attached |garage, 2 Netherend Road, Slaithwaite.
Built in 1983 by the Vaughan Brothers of Shrewsbury, the house is of brick under a pitched, hipped roof and of a modern, double fronted design with a hint at period Georgian.