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The only thing more stereotypically 'Ibiza' than a crochet dress and rope sandals was, possibly, straight up nudity -a hippie innovation which shot Spain's conservative beaches from Franco's dark age into the enlightenment of the 20th century.
I'M BOOKING NOW: Let''s all be hippies and let the sun shine in.
Most hippies, of course, didn't drop out of the mainstream forever.
The flowers these hippies are wearing were dropped from a hot air balloon.
The hippies had a positive philosophy of loving your neighbor.
In the late 60s, hippies started rejecting social convention and the establishment in favour of peace, love and a belief they could change the world.
Among other things, there's a story of a tough, almost millennial faith that endures no matter how absurdly bad things may look: Even in its darkest decade of cancellation, when the only Star Trek remnant was a half-hour animated series that ran in 1973 and 1974, the fans would no more give up hope than Kirk would have surrendered the Enterprise to those space hippies.
A "child of the sixties", she came of age when the hippie movement was gaining ascendancy, and while the hippies got a few things right, their belief that "you have to have sex, or you won't be integrated psychologically" was directly opposed to God's order.
Like Byrd's more successful venture as keyboardist for the United States of America, the Field Hippies locked his echoey, electronic noises into a production more recognizably of its moment.
Beatniks, mods and rockers, hippies and `flower people' were not just confined to London.
NEW age hippies - they are always likely to get the heckles up among the folks of Glenbogle.