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1. a music hall, variety theatre, or circus
2. (in ancient Greece or Rome) an open-air course for horse and chariot races


In ancient Greece, a stadium for horse and chariot racing.

circus, hippodrome

In ancient Rome, a roofless enclosure for chariot or horse racing and for gladiatorial shows; usually a long oblong with one rounded end and a barrier down the center; seats for the spectators usually on both sides and around one end.


1. A circus.
2. A modern sports arena of any shape.
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MY favourite memory of a night at the Hippodrome was the visit of Danny Kaye in June 1949 and I still have the programme.
Comedian Brian Conley has been starring in this year's pantomime at the Hippodrome, Robinson Crusoe and the Caribbean Pirates.
A Hippodrome spokesman said: "By 3pm on Sunday, March 10, you can imagine the excitement and sense of patriotism that had been aroused in the hearts and minds of all those women munitions workers sitting in the plush seats of the Hippodrome or huddled closely together on the wooden benches in the 'gods'.
Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst (centre) spoke at the Birmingham Hippodrome (right) on March 10, 1918, about the plight of women munitions workers
THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A DAME: It was as an Ugly Sister in the 1961/1962 production of Cinderella that female impresario Danny La Rue made his first Hippodrome appearance - together with Alan Haynes.
The Hippodrome building will offer a truly unique experience for our employees," said Derek Stewart, Head of Real Estate at Indeed.
It is a great honour that Kevin will come to the Hippodrome to talk about his experiences of making the film.
The owner of the Hippodrome, Simon Thomas, has defended the hiring policy as continuing a tradition which has been seen at the casino since the Victorian times.
The Hippodrome (often known as the Hippie) had originally been Hengler's Circus.
The hippodrome, publicly known as "The Meydan", is defined as the biggest horizontal building in the world.
Originally known as the Opera House, the Hippodrome was opened on the site of the old public hall, which burned down in 1873.
The Middlesbrough Hippodrome was his third collaboration with the Birmingham firm of theatre architects Owen and Ward - Mr G F Ward was the architect of the Civic Theatre, formerly the Hippodrome, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary in September.