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1. a music hall, variety theatre, or circus
2. (in ancient Greece or Rome) an open-air course for horse and chariot races


In ancient Greece, a stadium for horse and chariot racing.

circus, hippodrome

In ancient Rome, a roofless enclosure for chariot or horse racing and for gladiatorial shows; usually a long oblong with one rounded end and a barrier down the center; seats for the spectators usually on both sides and around one end.


1. A circus.
2. A modern sports arena of any shape.
References in classic literature ?
When he arrives at the hippodrome, he will be crowned with the poetic wreath, in anticipation of his victory at the approaching Olympics.
Public companies were set up to finance suitable theatres all over the country, hence the spread of provincial Hippodromes.
In 1846 in Paris, Victor Franconi, a member of a French circus family, built the first structure in modern times to be called a hippodrome.