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, large African antelope, Alcelaphus bucelaphus. The hartebeest resembles a horse with horns. It has a very long face and a small hump between the shoulders; its coat is fawn or reddish and its ringed horns curve up and inward in a U shape.
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Also known as the hunter's antelope, the hirola has long, curved horns like the Impala, a sandy hide and pronounced scent glands under the eyes.
Scientists say the hirola is an evolutionary relic that first appeared about 15 million years ago and is believed to be a progenitor of some more modern antelopes, like the hartebeest and the topi.
The rangers also had to contend with the anger of some local villagers, who were convinced by their leaders that the removal of the hirola was a bad omen.
By last count, only 306 of the hirola were living in their natural habitat between the Tana River and the Somali border.
The only way to save the species is to bring new members to the Tsavo herds before poachers destroy the remaining hirola in Garissa.
If the ruling stands, then I'm afraid that's the end of the game,'' said Kock, who is chief veterinary adviser to the wildlife service and chairman of the task force to save the hirola.
Richard Kock climbed out of the single-engine Cessna Caravan, cradling in his arms a baby hirola antelope.
In a last-ditch attempt to save the hirola from extinction, Kock and rangers airlifted 33 of the rare, sand-colored antelopes in August from the scrubby desert region of Garissa near the Somali border to this national park.
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The zoo has a global imprint and backs the Ishaqbini Community Conservancy in Kenya in association with the Northern Rangelands Trust to conserve the Hirola antelope, which is battling for survival.
The scheme is comprised of a 79km long pipeline network that has been installed between Kadana dam and Dahod city, a pipe base intake well, an approach bridge built at the dam site, an underground water tank with the capacity of 1 crore litre at Hirola as well as two underground water tanks with the capacity of twenty six lakh litre at Afwa and Kunda villages.
Tenders are invited for Renovation And Strengthning Of Earthen Dam At Hirola Rangaligati Village Tank Ta- Jhalod Dist, Dahod