historic marker

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A sign, plaque, or monument that designates a building, site of historic importance, or boundary.
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The blue and yellow historic marker was placed near the site of Pendleton founder Sylvester Pendleton Clark's first log building at the Erie Canal portage he founded in 1821.
But the historic marker isn't on park property, so millions of visitors pass through the park and never learn about the groundbreaking protest.
"Once the demolition is completed, our first goal is to make certain that an appropriate historic marker or some kind of monument is established on the property to commemorate it being the site of the state's first school of nursing and charity hospital.
The National Socialist Movement allegedly rallied outside the courthouse in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, a night of systemic pogroms against German Jews by the Nazi government and a historic marker signaling the beginning of the Holocaust.
Commemorating in our own way this magazine's new milestone as a unique historic marker in Canada, we should be grateful to those who believed, 120 years ago, that Queen's University had an intellectual message to deliver beyond its campus walls.
Or a DOT might relocate a resource, such as moving a historic building or bridge to a new location outside the immediate project area, or install a historic marker in place of the removed resource.
But his favourite overseas historic marker is in Woodbury, New Jersey, and celebrates the achievements of a 17th Century Quaker called Henry Wood.
If we do not achieve that, this is important as it will put down a historic marker to say that, when things go wrong in the future, the majority of doctors wanted this Bill withdrawn and opposed it in its entirety."
The evergreen goalkeeper is taking nothing for granted - a trainingground injury today would put everything on hold - but he is poised to set down a historic marker in a momentous Walsall career which began in October 1993 in a 1-0 home win over Gillingham.
STOCKTON Town put down a historic marker as they won their first game in the Wearside League.
Residents unveiled a new blue-and-yellow historic marker on June 13, 2008 for John Wesley Powell, best known for being the first explorer to navigate the length of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.
Winn-Dixie passed a historic marker in January of this year, when it posted its earnings for its fiscal 2008 second quarter: The period was the fourth full quarter reported by the company since it emerged from bankruptcy protection.
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