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hoarding, hoard

1. A rough and temporary wall or fence, usually at a construction site.
2. A covered wooden gallery projecting from the top of the wall of a medieval fortress to shelter the defenders and to increase facilities for defense.
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South of Scotland MSP Colin Smyth hit out at Ms Hyslop while also accusing the Scottish Government of "dragging its heels" over a deal to show the hoard at the new Kirkcudbright Art Gallery.
A MAN who discovered the UK's richest ever Viking treasure hoard is set to receive a PS2million reward.
More recently, mental health experts have suggested that people who hoard animals can be classified into three different types: 1) overwhelmed caregivers; 2) rescuers; and 3) exploiters.
There is a fair amount of text, making The Dragon's Hoard ideal for young people who are just about ready to move on to their first chapter books.
A larger hoard, discovered by Lee Doyle, Liam O'Keefe, David Owen and John Thomas, contained nine bronze axes, which were dated to around 1000 BC or 3,000 years ago.
Twenty-four-year-old Nicholas Hoard was alone in his apartment when he heard a knock at his door around 8:30 p.
Those who have HD do not typically discriminate among the items collected and acquired, and more than half of all individuals with HD hoard both inanimate (e.
If you hoard, as opposed to collect, you are accumulating possessions that can limit and disrupt both your life and your work.
Birmingham Museums is looking for keen bakers to fashion some fabulous food inspired by the Staffordshire Hoard.
THIS hoard of Roman coins lay undiscovered in a Welsh field for 1,800 years.
Here are five things you should know about people who hoard and the environment in which they live.