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hoarding, hoard

1. A rough and temporary wall or fence, usually at a construction site.
2. A covered wooden gallery projecting from the top of the wall of a medieval fortress to shelter the defenders and to increase facilities for defense.
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According to AC Ms Rabia Sial, on the orders of Deputy Commissioner Shozeb Saeed she conducted a raid on a chicken feed godown at Mari Sheikh Shajrah belonging to one Malik Waseem and seized the hoarded commodity.
SIALKOT/OKARA -- The Food Department during its campaign against illegal hoarded wheat and sugar recovered 11500 bags of wheat and 600 bags of sugar from different areas.
Floro Calixihan, Bureau of Customs regional collector, said people might have suspected that piles of rice sacks at the port last week were hoarded goods.
Joint teams of the National Food Authority and Bureau of Customs have in fact been conducting periodic raids on warehouses where smuggled or hoarded rice stocks are believed to be stored.
Liverpool's senior coroner said the law should be revised so fire crews could order people to let them in to assess risk, install smoke alarms and get hoarded goods cleared.
Research indicated that individuals who hoarded tended to express stronger feelings of comfort and attachment to their belongings compared to the general population (Hartl, Duffany, Allen, Steketee, & Frost, 2005).