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hoarding, hoard

1. A rough and temporary wall or fence, usually at a construction site.
2. A covered wooden gallery projecting from the top of the wall of a medieval fortress to shelter the defenders and to increase facilities for defense.
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Many hoarders may experience a subset of emotional problems that tend to~get worse over the years, including drug and alcohol abuse, anxiety, or~hyperactivity.
14 percent of Americans view hoarders as bad, dirty, greedy, messy or selfish.
Typically speaking, hoarders do not want to have their property discarded, even in cases of severe damage.
on The LifeStyle Channel, the worst hoarders encountered in the show were featured.
State governments should take stern action against hoarders to rein in prices, Central Government will give complete support.
Without treatment, 100 percent of animal hoarders will relapse: Removing the animals just clears out space for more.
8-10 per kg as the government has warned the profiteers and hoarders of the commodity to supply their stockpile in the market for balancing the demand and supply of the commodity.
HOARDERS in the West Midlands are sitting on a fortune worth a staggering PS2.
The Woman with 40 Cats - and Other Pet Hoarders Five, 9pm Okay so many of us are guilty of letting the dog sleep on the bed every once in a while, and plenty people have house rabbits which are so well-trained they can roam freely around the abode.
Steven, of the Harrison Lord Gallery in Brighouse, was asked to appear on ITV's Storage Hoarders alongside auctioneer Tom Keane.
The hoarders all know they have a problem and hate the mess, but face a psychological block when it comes to dealing with their mountains of rubbish.