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see frostfrost
or hoarfrost,
ice formed by the condensation of atmospheric water vapor on a surface when the temperature of the surface is below 32°F; (0°C;). In the formation of frost, a gas (water vapor) is changed directly to a solid (see dew).
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ice crystals that form on surfaces on cold, clear, still nights. The particles of hoarfrost are similar in shape to snowflakes but are less regular. Like dew, hoarfrost forms because of the cooling of the surface of the earth as a result of thermal radiation, which causes a drop in the temperature of the adjacent layers of air and the sublimation of the water vapor on the surface, which is cooled below 0°C.


A deposit of interlocking ice crystals formed by direct sublimation on objects. Also known as white frost.


a deposit of needle-like ice crystals formed on the ground by direct condensation at temperatures below freezing point
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While hoarfrost is attractive outside in nature, it is known as rime in refrigeration devices and is unwanted as it decreases the performance of the unit," explains Hirayama.
I actually saw some heads without hoarfrost, a pleasing contrast to the last time I paid a column's wages to sit in a hockey arena and listen to music.
Instead, we have had a hoarfrost covering the trees and ground with a glistening white coating.
twisted with hoarfrost and mold chokes a stick to look like an old
It was during the same winter that I remember finding the windowpanes of the rectory doors covered with hoarfrost, and being fascinated by the needles and crystalline forms in this, and how I could melt some of the frost with my breath and make a little peephole.
The five of us hiked downward in knee-deep snow into the bowl-shaped valley, then passed through a thicket of royal azalea and Mongolia oak heavy with hoarfrost and last night's snowfall.
Here, I saw circles of hoarfrost and leaves tinged with their own temporary tinsel.
I saw long stretches of snow-packed highway, trees laced with hoarfrost and watched temperatures dip below -30 degrees.
branches and twigs coated with hoarfrost, resembles
For a moment he feels a freezing chill on his lips as if the needles of mentholated hoarfrost settled on his tongue, lips, and palate.
My veins sense the hoarfrost in its torso, its foggy eyes.
The beauty of winter's landscape is in the small things: the hoarfrost on bare twigs and dried grasses, trickles of snowmelt under lacelike ice, the inscrutable patterns of lichens on exposed rock surfaces.