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1. an activity pursued in spare time for pleasure or relaxation
2. Archaic or dialect a small horse or pony
3. an early form of bicycle, without pedals


any of several small Old World falcons, esp the European Falco subbuteo, formerly used in falconry



(Falco subbuteo), a predatory bird of the family Falconidae. The body length is 33 to 35 cm. The upper parts are black with a blue sheen, and the underparts, light with dark markings. The hobby is distributed in Europe, Asia, and North Africa; in the USSR it is found in the forest and forest-steppe zones and in the mountains of the Caucasus and Middle Asia. A migratory bird, it winters in southern Africa and Asia. In the spring it arrives no earlier than late April. It nests in trees in the abandoned nests of crows and other birds. The clutch contains two to four, sometimes five or six, eggs, which are incubated for 28 days. The hobby catches its prey in flight, attaining speeds of up to 150 km/hr. The diet includes small birds and insects, such as dragonflies and beetles. The hobby was formerly used as a hunting bird.


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I see people every day who are passionate about their hobbies, and they do whatever they can to make sure I succeed.
For example, a love of the outdoors is reflected in how this group uses its land, the specific activities and events in which group members participate, their choice of hobbies and the publications they enjoy--all leading to the products and services they purchase.
On average children spend about six and a half hours a week on their hobbies.
Gelber astutely recognizes hobbies as occupying a middle ground between work and leisure.
My other half is convinced my little life is seriously devoid of hobbies.
With stress levels on the up and our work-life balance seriously out of kilter, the nation is getting back into hobbies in a big way - 79% of Brits claim to have been bitten by the hobby bug in recent months.
PARENTS are spending pounds 795m a year on their children's hobbies, research claimed yesterday.
Eight out of 10 small business start-ups are the outgrowth of hobbies or long-term interests, according to Max Fallek, director of the American Institute of Small Business in Minneapolis.