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A Scheme to C compiler by Tanel Tammet <tammet@cs.chalmers.se>. Hobbit attempts to retain most of the original Scheme program structure, making the output C program readable and modifiable. Hobbit is written in Scheme and is able to self-compile. Hobbit release 1 works together with the scm release scm4b3. Future releases of scm and hobbit will be coordinated.

Latest version: release 2.



High order bit. The most significant bit (of a byte). Also known as the meta bit or high bit.


A microprocessor from AT&T that was used in a variety of portable devices. It is no longer made.
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Nearly all aspects of Hobbit life and adventure seem to evolve from names for people and things which themselves dictate the direction of the story.
And the meaning and sense of ent comes from the idea of giants in our far past, just as hobbit does from 'little people'.
Without Gollum's leadership, the heroes could never have found a way to sneak into Mordor; without Gollum's attempt to murder them by proxy by leading them into the lair of the monstrous Shelob, the hobbit duo would never have been able to slip past the ever-vigilant orcs in the tower of Cirith Ungol.
The hobbits know only a very loose and undemanding form of local self-government.
Adam, who has now seen all of the The Hobbit movies but has yet to see The Lord of the Rings, added: "I thought it was very good - especially Smaug the dragon who was very dramatic.
The proud Welshman, who will be appearing in the third Hobbit sequel, which also stars BENEDICT Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, recalled a time where he was spotted by some children but the adults weren't so sure, while he was out with his grandparents.
From there she was convinced to have a go at knitting some of the characters from The Hobbit and she hasn't looked back since.
DominicJacques1 Just watched the hobbit film, it was better than the last hobbit film, but not as good as the 2 before that, & on par with the first #hobbit @Dyfrij The hobbit was class, things have gotten interesting #smaug #gandalf @jackjeffers The hobbit trilogy doesn''''t come close to The Lord of the Rings one
However, some of the hobbit's original discoverers suggest the hobbits had rather human-looking faces, the Age reported.
Hobbit ears were donned by many as staff, students and possibly the odd goblin or Hobbit sat in the specially created 'Hobbit-hole' in the library to listen to the quest of Bilbo Baggins in this tale of mythology and legend.