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The agreement under which AG Properties assumes management of the Holly Hobble licensing program that was previously run by Nickelodeon says as much about the relative direction of both companies as about the property itself.
Freedom from undue regulation is a huge asset for homeschoolers, and we should be vigilant against those who might hobble the movement to make it bigger.
I felt tremendous pain in my left foot for a couple of minutes, and then I was able to hobble the 200 or so meters to the finish.
While well-intentioned (it's designed to prevent police misconduct), the Miranda warning requirement can be taken to extremes that can hobble police work and threaten just outcomes in court.
officials hope that his arrest will hobble the AL Qaeda network and lead to the capture of bin Laden and other terrorist leaders.
The Coast Guard said the two-masted Broken Hobble apparently left Brookings for Hawaii some time ago.
CAN A SCUTTLED SWAN SONG such as Jack Welch's failed bid for Honeywell hobble the legacy of his 41-year career?
It has elements of a "me too" assault, designed to hobble Microsoft in its competition with principal competitors, and to carve out its own sphere of inquiry.