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Dentamaro, an Italian air force's force protection airman, and Hocker met nearly two years ago while working as gate guards at an entry control point on base.
As well, early into the controversy, Leader of the NDP, Ed Broadbent, expressed "surprise" to Ad Hocker, Marilou McPhedran, that section 28 "could be considered overriding," and indicated a need to consult with his legal advisors, but later "changed his mind" about the clause and helped lobby Blakeney to restore it to the original (personal notes of Marilou McPhedran (10 and 13 November 1981), in notebook entitled, "Constitution Round III from Nov 4/81," Toronto, York University Archives and Special Collections, Marilou McPhedran Fonds (2007-020/005 (4)) at pages 9 and 20).
Hocker dedico mas de 15 anos a investigar los pasos del compositor y en 2002 publico un libro de 300 paginas que este ano acaba de editarse en ingles, traducido por Steven Lindberg, con el titulo de Encounters with Conlon Nancarrow (Lexington Books).
Wilmot and Hocker differentiate three types of goals in human interaction, namely, content goals, relational goals and face-saving goals.
Hocker, who is with the department of neurology at the Mayo Clinic.
Likewise, in the Hocker case cited by the Johnson Controls opinion, a primary insurer disclaimed any obligation to provide a defense to a drilling company for a personal injury suit based on its determination that the defendants were not insureds under its policy.
First Allied Securities is ramping up its presence in the defined contribution plan space, said Guy Hocker, the newly hired senior managing director of the firm's pension services division.
JetBlue Airways (NASDAQ:JBLU) announced yesterday the appointment of Guy Hocker to the newly created position of vice president, strategic initiatives.
Wilmot & Hocker (2007) discuss how all of the ways that people mistreat each other can cumulate to become the foundation for the discussion of forgiveness.
Nuestra especialidad son las unidades Hocker, F-25, DC-9, Cessna Citation, y Lear Jet, y atendemos lo mismo aviones privados que de lineas comerciales --afirma Dieck.
Photography was forbidden at Auschwitz, but these snaps, belonging to camp commandant's assistant Karl Hocker, were taken at the camp's holiday lodge Solahutte, just a few miles down the road.
But old Justice William Hocker (1903-1915) didn't even bother to flip open the book when he hollered out "Z