hold-down bolt

anchor bolt, foundation bolt, hold-down bolt

anchor bolt
1. A steel bolt usually fixed in a building structure with its threaded portion projecting; used to secure frameworks, timbers, machinery bases, etc.
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Then reinstall the ignition coil, hold-down bolt and coil electrical connector.
Some mechanics have used a battery hold-down bolt, NSN 5306-00-739-7754, hooked to the chain's last link, to thread it through the cover.
And if desired, Universal 1 pumps can be upgraded to include Wright's rotorcase hold-down bolts, fixing the rotorcase to the gearcase even when the cover is removed to prevent damage to seals and rotors during routine maintenance and cleaning.
He didn't weld the tube ends closed in case he wanted to access the hold-down bolts in the future.
The shorter, 34 m towers, along with 64 ground anchors, re engineered hold-down bolts, and 80 [m.sup.3] concrete foundations, ensure a more stable structure.
A universal socket is used to tighten nuts on hold-down bolts, and screws at the top of the frame install with a typical impact driver.
The 55-lb vise, designed especially for Bridgeport-type machines, has hold-down bolts on 5[inches] centers and side hold-down rails for any T-slots.
A typical example might be an electric motor with four hold-down bolts. The two bolts on either side of the motor can be considered the ends of a beam in the clamped-clamped configuration.
Cutting off the corroded hold-down bolts was a lot faster than trying to unscrew them.
The flange on top of the pipe secures the hold-down bolts, and any damage to this flange should also be repaired.
* Two bolts to check before leaving the motor pool are the cab hold-down bolts. Crews remove the bolts to tilt the cab for PMCS.
Once the new plugs are in, remove the valve cover hold-down bolts, noting the length and location of each bolt.