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Handsomely illustrated with maps, photographs and graphics of armoured vehicles and weapons, No Holding Back will appeal to both specialists and general readers alike.
But there was certainly no holding back for stunning nightclub manageress Miss Dee.
Our deficit is holding back confidence, is holding back investment, holding back growth.
Procurement techniques should be driving innovation, but what we are seeing is poor skills holding back progress," Sir Digby told a conference in London yesterday.
It is traditionally a bad time to sell property but I think that this was fuelled by the confusion over SIPPs with investors holding back for 'A Day'.
It turns out that federal regulations are stronger than gravity in holding back the commercial development of space launches.
These barriers were holding back women in non-managerial jobs with older women worst affected by them, complaining of a heightened sense of exclusion and discomfort at work.
The barriers were holding back women in non-managerial jobs, research for campaign group Oppor-tunity Now found.