holding pattern

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holding pattern

[′hōld·iŋ ‚pad·ərn]
A course over which an aircraft is instructed to fly repeatedly while waiting for clearance to land.
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holding procedure

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Typical procedure on an ILS outer marker.
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Typical procedure at intersection of VOR radials.
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Typical procedure at DME Fix.
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Standard pattern.
A predetermined maneuver which keeps the aircraft within a specified airspace while awaiting further clearances (ICAO). It is generally a racetrack-type pattern in which all turns may be left or right hand. This is indicated in standard arrival route charts. Holding patterns normally are based around a fix or a navigational aid. Also called a holding pattern.


Typical radiation pattern of a radar.
i. A flight pattern that an aircraft must follow when approaching for landing and when leaving the airport after takeoff.
ii. Radiation of the transmitting aerial as plotted on a diagram of the field strength for each bearing.
iii. A shape traced out on the ground by the track of the aircraft while following certain procedures, such as making the circuit, making procedure turns, while holding, and while carrying out demonstrations. See circuit and holding pattern.
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So, for example, if the charted holding pattern is depicted with seven-nautical-mile legs as in the chart, you must not exceed that leg length or you risk leaving the protected airspace.
Other findings, consistent with the holding pattern, are as follows:
It is now May 2005 and the FTAA agreement has not only not been delivered to Congress, Brazil and the U.S., co-chairs of the final ETAA negotiations, appear to be in a holding pattern. And opposition to the pact in Congress and among the American people continues to swell.
Instead, McEwen served up a warmed-over selection of conceptual witticisms that, while slickly executed and superficially appealing, ultimately settled into a holding pattern of comfortable irony and self-satisfied gimmickry.
* After several quarters in a holding pattern where North-American production levels remained essentially flat, the demand for injection molded products will start to accelerate at a moderate yet steady pace during the rest of this year and into 2005.
The cause this time is the Bisexual Foundation, a nonprofit San Diego-based group that's up against the still-pervasive idea (even among lesbians and gays) that bisexuals are stuck in a sexual holding pattern, a 1970s-era Ziggy Stardust-fueled experimental phase they never outgrew.
The Fed has been in a holding pattern so far this year, maintaining the lowest short-term rates in over four decades in order to support the budding economic recovery.
The privatization of Mexico's top two airline carriers, Aeromexico and Mexicana de Aviacion, remains in a holding pattern due to the global airline industry crisis.
They refused but said they will put the Soyuz in a holding pattern if the shuttle was still at the space station on Monday.
Wouldn't the safer bet be that time spent watching TV is pretty much an intellectual holding pattern?
Still operating on the adrenaline of the morning's program, she became particularly anxious when the pilot announced their landing would be delayed and the plane would remain in a holding pattern for an indefinite amount of time.