holding pattern

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holding pattern

[′hōld·iŋ ‚pad·ərn]
A course over which an aircraft is instructed to fly repeatedly while waiting for clearance to land.

holding procedure

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Typical procedure on an ILS outer marker.
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Typical procedure at intersection of VOR radials.
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Typical procedure at DME Fix.
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Standard pattern.
A predetermined maneuver which keeps the aircraft within a specified airspace while awaiting further clearances (ICAO). It is generally a racetrack-type pattern in which all turns may be left or right hand. This is indicated in standard arrival route charts. Holding patterns normally are based around a fix or a navigational aid. Also called a holding pattern.


Typical radiation pattern of a radar.
i. A flight pattern that an aircraft must follow when approaching for landing and when leaving the airport after takeoff.
ii. Radiation of the transmitting aerial as plotted on a diagram of the field strength for each bearing.
iii. A shape traced out on the ground by the track of the aircraft while following certain procedures, such as making the circuit, making procedure turns, while holding, and while carrying out demonstrations. See circuit and holding pattern.
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One question had to do with shortening DME legs in a holding pattern and she replied, ".
Remember what the Instrument Flying Handbook says: A holding pattern simply "keeps [an] aircraft within a specified airspace.
Acting general secretary Dr Adam Marshall said: "Our latest survey results suggest that the UK economy is in a holding pattern.
Controllers expect you to continue inbound from the hold entry without flying a complete circuit of the holding pattern.
The crew of the Boeing 767-200 turned towards the coast where it entered a holding pattern to burn off excess fuel.
The governor said that under the current holding pattern the government would have to carry a burden of recapitalisation of INR900,000m.
The flight was then cleared to descend to 6,000ft where the crew entered a holding pattern for about 20 minutes.
Although the unit holding pattern is highly concentrated with top ten investors holding around 98% of fund's assets, comfort can be drawn from significant group/related party holdings.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Consumer attitudes are in a holding pattern at levels slightly better than in mid March, with 39% calling current economic conditions "poor" and just over 80% saying they are getting worse in Gallup Poll Daily tracking.
The Associated General Contractors of America's (AGC's) Chief Economist Ken Simonson said the nonresidential construction industry appears to be in a holding pattern based on Census Bureau figures released on construction put in place in May, showing a gradual decline over the three months since February.
CRA regional administrator Leslie Lambert said the agency now ``basically is in a holding pattern,'' adding it intends to defer to the councilman over the future of the property.
A Haneda airport official said that no injuries were reported and the aircraft, carrying 270 passengers, made a normal landing after going into a holding pattern, reports Reuters.