holding pattern

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holding pattern

[′hōld·iŋ ‚pad·ərn]
A course over which an aircraft is instructed to fly repeatedly while waiting for clearance to land.

holding procedure

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Typical procedure on an ILS outer marker.
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Typical procedure at intersection of VOR radials.
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Typical procedure at DME Fix.
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Standard pattern.
A predetermined maneuver which keeps the aircraft within a specified airspace while awaiting further clearances (ICAO). It is generally a racetrack-type pattern in which all turns may be left or right hand. This is indicated in standard arrival route charts. Holding patterns normally are based around a fix or a navigational aid. Also called a holding pattern.


Typical radiation pattern of a radar.
i. A flight pattern that an aircraft must follow when approaching for landing and when leaving the airport after takeoff.
ii. Radiation of the transmitting aerial as plotted on a diagram of the field strength for each bearing.
iii. A shape traced out on the ground by the track of the aircraft while following certain procedures, such as making the circuit, making procedure turns, while holding, and while carrying out demonstrations. See circuit and holding pattern.
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The aircraft maintained a holding pattern to burn off excess fuel as police, fire and ambulance officers attended the scene.
The crew waited 18 seconds, the approximate gear transit time given by the Dash-1, before entering a holding pattern at 2,000 feet.
Now even if we admit--and I certainly do admit--that right now dance is in something of a holding pattern so far as pure creativity is concerned, that its superstars, both classic and modern, are notoriously skimpy on the ground, and that the art as a whole does not have--what can one call it?
ABCP as industry regulators continue to keep market participants in a holding pattern from the interpretation of Basel II.
Elsewhere, as we count down to Christmas, the plotlines are starting to circle in a holding pattern over Walford until they can collide and unleash the maximum devastation.
Meanwhile in Pasadena, the Rose Bowl is in the same holding pattern in which it's been for more than three months - waiting on redesigned plans that would satisfy the NFL, which wants larger suites and more usable space, and preservationists, who don't want any drastic changes.
The pilot of the aircraft had reportedly been ordered into a holding pattern by the tower at the airport, and after circling four times he asked why he could not land, noting that the aircraft was using up fuel.