holding period

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presteaming period

The period of time between the molding of a concrete product and the start of the temperature rise in the curing process.
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A PARTNERSHIP THAT RECEIVES CONTRIBUTIONS of property must establish the basis, the holding period, and the character of the property in the hands of the partnership, and also determine available accounting and depreciation methods.
Welton's latest whitepaper explores one of the most mathematically reliable, yet least isolated sources of portfolio diversification, investment holding period.
Our findings suggest that the long-run causality flow from NASDAQ index to margin borrowing which is positive and that to the holding period is negative.
Mutual Fund or collective investment schemes shall deduct CGT on the basis of redemption of securities and according to the holding period.
84-111 applies the rules of subchapter K on partnership distributions, transfers of partnership interests, and the treatment of unrealized receivables, inventory, and liabilities; and the rules of subchapter P on the holding period of property to each method of incorporation.
The investor's advisors may attempt to argue, based on dicta in certain cases, that they should be able to tack on their holding period as partners to their holding period as tenants-in-common to establish a long term holding period and the requisite investment intent.
To do so, the client must satisfy the one-year capital gain holding period requirement, which states that the property's holding period commences on the date that the client closes that property's purchase escrow.
The reality is, during the holding period they're being exposed to illnesses,'' said Commissioner Tariq Khero.
Generally, the rule permits a ten-year holding period for direct investments and a fifteen-year holding period for investments in private equity funds.
Also, reductions in risk from extending the holding period dissipate as you extend the holdings.
The employee's holding period for the shares acquired in the exchange includes that which the employee had in the shares transferred to the employer.
3) Interestingly, however, little justification for the particular holding period assumed (e.