holding period

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presteaming period

The period of time between the molding of a concrete product and the start of the temperature rise in the curing process.
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The participants may be allocated a number of shares in Orphazyme (performance shares) at a price per performance share of DKK1 at the end of a vesting period of up to four years from the date of grant (the performance shares holding period).
DUBAI: The holding period of investors in the UAE is much lower than the global average and it has partly to do with the market volatility, a study conducted by Schroders revealed.
Under the terms of the programme, the participants are required to acquire a number of existing shares in Chr Hansen Holding A/S (investment shares) and retain ownership of such shares for a predefined holding period of three years (the holding period).
However, through the value-added steps taken by Seera and Koll Group, we have been able to achieve a highly successful exit well ahead of the projected investment holding period."
The new tax cut and Jobs Act adds section 1061 to the Code, addressing the taxation of "applicable partnership interests." Under the provision, if one or more "applicable partnership interests" were held by a taxpayer at any time during the tax year, some portion of the taxpayer's long-term capital gain with respect to those interests may be treated as short term capital gain if the holding period is less than three years.
The higher rate of CGT regardless of its holding period as against the previous holding period at various slabs and longer holding period has resulted in drastic fall of turnover.
For example, it cited there was no CGT applicable on sale of immovable property provided the holding period was of three years or more.
It has been stated that, "in the competition for investor capital, organizations strive to provide increasingly positive rates of return to the investor." For publically traded corporations, the returns are generally measured in terms of shareholder value, i.e., the total return on investment, also commonly referred to as the 'holding period return', which is computed from the change in the share price plus dividends.
Answer number 4 of the said FAQ shall only be applicable for determining holding period of an immovable property for which the date of acquisition is evidenced by a deed registered with any authority of the state government, it said.
Determining the holding period is straightforward if you purchased the property, but what if you're building the development yourself?
A mutual fund must first meet a 61-day (or 91-day) holding period requirement (discussed below) with regard to a stock before treating the dividend it receives as a qualified dividend and reporting it as such to the shareholder (Sec.