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What does it mean when you dream about a purse?

Carrying a purse in a dream may signify the secret place of important possessions, which are being closely held. Losing the purse might suggest loss of power and control of possessions.

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On the other hand, it is also easy for the rest of us to mount an emotional knee-jerk reaction against school closures without the responsibility of holding the purse strings.
With the Tories holding the purse strings we'd be lucky to get that, instead we're going to get less than nowt and a good kicking.
Will the GP consortiums who will be holding the purse strings continue funding for the likes of The Armistead Centre who provide vital services in the areas of sexual health, drugs awareness and general support?
Women make 91 of home-buying decisions holding the purse strings on about 2 trillion-worth of buying power annually according to a Harvard study quoted here.
I say suspended, rather than ceased, as I am hoping that whoever is holding the purse strings can push all the right buttons where this project is concerned.
The young lady holding the purse strings was pupil Christina Woods and, among her customers, were the director and members of the board of the school's "Sunline Crafts" which was showing a 50% profit.
There are people there holding the purse strings who are playing God.
And while the fans love to have a go at them, you knew when the likes of Bob Lord and Joe Richards were holding the purse strings at Burnley and Barnsley, they were there for the right reasons.