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What is a hole in the heart? A HOLE in the heart is a septal defect, usually from birth, where there is a hole between two of the heart's chambers.
Sophie Smith, six, |pictured with older sister Erin, had an undiagnosed hole in the heart for the first five years of her life, but is fighting fit now
ASD or hole in the heart, takes root during the early stages of development in the womb.
A HOLE IN THE HEART | An atrial septal defect (ASD) is a hole in |the membrane that separates the top two chambers of the heart.
Once the first umbrella goes through the hole in the heart, the umbrellas open on either side of the hole.
MEDICS in the North East have made a breakthrough which could help identify why some babies are born with a hole in the heart.
Prof Bernard Keavney of Newcastle University, pictured, led the research, which found a new gene associated with the form of congenital heart disease in newborn babies which is known as a hole in the heart.
A HOLE in the heart affects thousands of people in the UK.
My son, age 48, has been diagnosed as having a hole in the heart. After many tests, doctors say he has also had two slight strokes.
"My hole in the heart wasn't discovered until I was 11 years old and as it wasn't causing me any problems the doctors decided to do nothing as the only option then was major open heart surgery," says Penny.
A hole in the heart is the most common congenital heart defect.
British surgeons have performed the worlds first operation using the device, which can mend a hole in the hearts inner wall.