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Remarks: The holotype (now in NMSA) is not accompanied by the original label.
Making the images freely available online makes it possible for anyone with an Internet connection to assess the morphology of the holotype specimens," says Talamas.
A photograph of the holotype is available through the Museum of Victoria website (http://collections.
Although it was reported less as 110 in number of holotypes and with maximum of 24 x 07 mm from layari river Karachi [3].
The holotype and paratypes of Bryophaenocladius carolinae sp.
Gravitis (1981) regarded these two topotypic specimens as different species and referred to the dorsal valve PSU 161/7 as the holotype of his new species Bicarinatina ugalana.
1 M 1 F holotype, allotype Newfound Gap, Great Smoky Mt.
9x as long as broad posteriorly, with petiole striate dorsally and laterally in holotype and only laterally in paratype; glymma situated near centre of the tergite in holotype and in apical 0.
Paratypes: AMNH 251658, DNA #PR1312, 45 mm SL, from holotype locality, Puerto Rico, 27 May 2009, L.