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[altered from holy day], day set aside for the commemoration of an important event. Holidays are often accompanied by public ceremonies, such as parades and carnivals, and by religious observances; they may also be simply a time for relaxation. Days of commemoration are observed throughout the world, e.g., Bastille Day in France, May Day in Russia, and the New Year in China. National holidays are observed throughout a country and are considered legal if proclaimed by the central government. In the United States the state governments have jurisdiction over the celebration of holidays, except with regard to federal employees and agencies. On legal holidays banks and schools are closed and business transactions are restricted. New Year's Day, Presidents Day (a combined observance of George Washington's and Abraham Lincoln's birthdays that occurs near the date of Washington's birthday), the Fourth of July (Independence Day), Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day are legal holidays observed by all the states. Abraham Lincoln's birthday, Memorial Day, Election Day, Columbus Day, and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday are legal holidays in most states. Many special occasions are observed by single states or by a group of states, such as Patriots' Day (in Massachusetts and Maine) and the Confederate Memorial Day. In 1971 the U.S. Congress created several three-day weekends for federal employees by proclaiming that certain holidays be observed on Monday regardless of their actual dates. Holidays now celebrated on Monday in most states include Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day and Veterans Day. For religious holidays, see feastfeast,
commemorative banquet symbolizing communal unity. Generally associated with primitive rituals and later with religious practices, feasts may also commemorate such events as births, marriages, harvests, and deaths.
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. See also bank holidaysbank holidays,
days when the law requires that banks be closed. In the United States the list varies from state to state but generally includes, besides the major holidays, many days that are observed only by the banks and such government institutions as post offices.
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See E. M. Deems, ed., Holy-days and Holidays (1902, repr. 1968); R. J. Myers, Celebrations: The Complete Book of American Holidays (1972).



a day commemorating an outstanding event or traditional date. In the USSR, work is halted at all enterprises, institutions, and organizations on the following holidays: January 1, New Year’s Day; March 8, International Women’s Day; May 1 and 2, International Workers’ Solidarity Day; May 9, Victory Day; November 7 and 8, the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution; and October 7, Constitution Day of the USSR.

On holidays, work is permitted if it cannot be halted for technical production reasons (at enterprises of continuous operations) or if it serves the needs of the population. Repair work and loading or unloading that cannot be postponed are also permitted. Work on a holiday is given double compensation. At the request of an individual who has worked on a holiday, another day off may be offered to him. On the eve of a holiday, the length of the workday is shortened by one hour for both the five-day and six-day workweek schedules, except for those workers for whom a shorter working time has already been established.

What does it mean when you dream about a holiday?

Dreaming about being on a holiday (vacation) can indicate either a feeling of relaxation or a desire to be in a relaxing situation. Also, it can represent a sense of independence and fulfilling one’s own needs.


An undesirable discontinuity or break in the anticorrosion protection on pipe or tubing.

holiday, skip

1. A small area on a painted surface which the brush skipped over, leaving it bare.
2. An area on a built-up roof surface which the mop (used to coat the surface) skipped over, leaving it uncovered by bitumen.


Billie. real name Eleanora Fagan; known as Lady Day. 1915--59, US jazz singer
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The birth and death of Malak Fakhredeen , a religious figure, on Wednesdays was another reason for the Yazidi to consider Wednesday a holy day, as was the coming of Taus Malak, the peacock angel the Yazidi worship, on the same day.
Good Friday is a very important holy day and we felt that just because the shops open, that doesn't mean the council has to allow a market to take place.
Shakespeare's audience may have remembered the stage shoemaker Strumbo; left alone onstage after a battle (one similar to Agincourt in its disproportionate odds if not in its outcome), he declared a new holy day commemorating the death of the prince and the annihilation of the English army.
The holy day lasted from sunset, March 20, to sunset on March 21.
The religious leaders assured full cooperation with regard to maintaining peace on the occasion in order to celebrate the holy day with religious zeal and fervor in peaceful manner.
It was an unforgiveable crime on the holy day of Ashura," the Ulema Council said in a statement.
This year's High Holy Days will be celebrated by Temple Beth Israel's congregation under a new roof - and all at once.
The UN fanatics launched their assault on Christmas in 1958, but too late to get very far before the holy day was at hand," the pamphlet explained.
You got the Saturday penny on a Sunday because the shop was closed on Saturday, the Jewish holy day.
The springtime holy day comes at a time of year when the natural world throws off winter's drabness and begins to promise warmth, sunshine and fruitfulness.
Town hall chiefs have refused to allow Blyth's open-air market to be held on Good Friday for many years following a campaign by local clergy and churchgoers for the holy day to be kept special.
THE Baha'i community in Caerphilly will celebrate a holy day on Thursday.