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Albert confesses he already owns one of his Holy Grails, a Rolex Seadweller 1665 with Qaboos dial.
The Monty Python's Flying Circus gang pictured during the filming of The Holy Grail - John Cleese, Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones and Neil Innes
Robert Price from Cadwyn Clwyd and Ynyr Jeffreys-Evans of Llangollen Brewery launch of Holy Grail Ale at Valle Crucis Abbey
Previous theories, beside the inscription revealing the location of the Holy Grail, have included suggestions that it is a coded love letter, a Biblical verse from Ecclesiastes, and a memorial.
When soldiers come to the monastery to take possession of it, even the Holy Grail itself plays a part in this story.
Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln, Holy Blood, Holy Grail (New York: Delacorte, 1982).
As if all that isn't enough, we also have reports that King Arthur has challenged his PMs Sir Robin the Brave and Sir Lancelot the Remarkably Talented with finding the Holy Grail. They were apparently sent on a quest outside their offices to do field work.
In these post-Da Vinci Code times, the Holy Grail is publishing's, well, Holy Grail: anything involving ancient religious orders is hot stuff, especially if they're reputed to have had the Grail, or other early-Christian knick-knacks, in their keeping.
(In the seventh century, according to Brown's book, the Vatican attempted to eradicate the dynasty by murdering Dagobert H, but his son Sigisbert H survived, as did his bloodline down through history, ending up with Sophie [Sophia, Greek for wisdom, and Mary Magdalen's alter ego in the Pistis Sophia, a Gnostic text], heroine of the novel.) The 'historical' aspects of this tale were first told in The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail (1982), by Michael Baigent, Richard Leith and Henry Lincoln).