holy of holies

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holy of holies

the innermost compartment of the Jewish tabernacle, and later of the Temple, where the Ark was enshrined

Holy of Holies


among the ancient Hebrews, the sacred part of the tabernacle (movable sanctuary) and later of the temple of Jerusalem that could be entered only by the high priest and only once a year. According to religious tradition, the ark of the covenant of Moses was preserved in the holy of holies. Metaphorically, it has come to mean that which is most sacred or most treasured.

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Bakhtin's metaphor is significant because it implies that every individual has his or her own holy of holies which, presumably, contains his or her own individual "word.
Having a Holy of Holies to share as a couple has a profound impact on the relationship.
This paper proposes that by then the Ark was no longer in the Holy of Holies and had previously been removed or destroyed.
It had a sacramental and totemic significance for the Jews and was eventually housed in the Holy of Holies of Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem.
Somehow he got it upgraded with the coveted 'yellow spot' that permits access to the holy of holies that is the parade ring' then spent his afternoon rubbing shoulders with such titans of the turf as Magnier, Tabor, Smith, Fabre and Take.
It is certainly no crime to lift the veil from this image--no sin against the holy of holies of femininity to contemplate it; it is certainly no sin against the Holy Spirit to enter this cathedral of love.
Instead, the Holy of Holies drops unannounced into Joan's day dressed up as a cute boy, a cafeteria worker in a hairnet, a toddler on the playground.
IN the secular world that we inhabit, the Assembly's Business Committee is perhaps the closest we come to a holy of holies.
You will be invited into the holy of holies, the handover room, another plush designer space not unlike a private chapel.
30 and it's pounds 2 an adult for entry into the holy of holies.
This past summer, his Siegmund at the Bayreuth Festival, the Wagnerian holy of holies, deservedly won extravagant praise.