holy water

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holy water,

in Christian churches, water blessed to symbolize spiritual cleansing. In Roman Catholic churches there is a bowl (stoup or font) of holy water near the doors, so that the faithful may bless themselves with it on entering. Holy water is a sacramentalsacramental,
in the Roman Catholic Church, aid to devotion that is not a sacrament. Sacramentals are commonly divided into six classes: prayer, anointing, eating, confession, giving, and blessings.
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 and is used in formal blessings, including the aspergesasperges
, ceremonial sprinkling of the people with holy water by the priest before the Sunday High Mass in the Roman Catholic Church. The accompanying antiphon begins, Asperges me, Domine, hyssopo et mundabor
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Holy Water

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Water that is used in religious and/or magical rites. It is usually ordinary water to which salt has been added and that has been consecrated before use. In Witchcraft, this consecration is done by placing the forefinger or the tip of an athamé into the water while asking that all negativity be removed and all good enter into it.

It was once thought that Christian holy water was a powerful witch deterrent. It was also considered a protection from sickness and a cure for many ailments. In some towns and villages, churches had lockable lids fastened to the fonts to stop people from helping themselves to the powerful panacea.

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Some devotees take the holy water to their houses and offer the pious water to Lord Shiva's lingam (representation of Lord Shiva used in Hindu temples), said Kamta Prasad Pandey, a holy man.
Experts believe the virus travels through the air but cannot rule out the holy water from the spring, known for miraculously curing disease, as the source of the vicious bug.
The would-be thieves smashed a large window to get into the church, then used fire extinguishers to try to break down doors, before leaving empty-handed - but not before someone urinated in the holy water font.
Holy water is used by Catholics to make the sign of the cross when they come into church and the stoup or font is usually by the entrance.
Shravan, is the month of water, so the devotees in this month offer liquid like milk, curd, holy water, ghee and honey praying for their prosperity, happiness and fulfilment of their wishes," said Pathak.
The study noted some ways to help address the problem, including regularly replacing holy water in church fonts.
The research showed there were up to 62 million bacteria on average in every millilitre of holy water.
During a mass on 25 April in famous cave church, the Saint Samns church in Moqattam, worshippers were sprayed with holy water by the priests.
Glynn's mother told Toby to stop filling her son's head with nonsense, but Glynn was hooked, and after finding out where Penelope lived, he and Louise decided they'd confront her with the Bible, and holy water.
Regarding the various services offered by the United Zamzam Office, Abu Ghelya said it started operations this season with offering bottles of cooled holy water to pilgrims on the first day of the current lunar month Dul Qaadah (Sept.
The Tamil Nadu police informed the Madurai High Court bench on Friday that they have filed a case against self-proclaimed Godman Nityananda and two others, for allegedly serving holy water mixed with drugs at the Adheenam mutt.
Inspired by the announcements that galleys will arrive to the port of Vardar, Erol Rizaov ironically wonders in Utrinski Vesnik whether there is something more normal than ships to sail in holy land and on shallow but holy water, airplanes to walk on streets, cars, buses and trucks to fly and trains to walk on foot.