home missions

home missions:

see missionsmissions,
term generally applied to organizations formed for the purpose of extending religious teaching, whether at home or abroad. It also indicates the stations or the fields where such teaching is given.
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21) This idea of America as God's chosen nation for the modern world influenced Baptists, as Gregory Wills noted regarding home missions.
Total quantity or scope: Home Missions, access management, round achievement by monitoring, alarm management, doubt raising, remote monitoring and video surveillance.
As important as Mills was to the foreign missionary movement, he was just as valuable to the formation of national societies dedicated to home missions and the distribution of Bibles.
bishops' Subcommittee on Catholic Home Missions during a recent visit to El Paso.
Home missions would mostly concern defence, strengthening existing systems through further investments.
Home Missions at the University of Mississippi Newman Center at the height of the civil rights movement.
9) The United Church of Canada's Board of Home Missions reported in 1942 that over one-half of the total "Japanese population" were church members or adherents.
The book is divided into three sections dealing with home missions, the foreign field, and material histories of mission work.
Paper are arraned in sections on on home missions to Native Canadians, foreign missions to "the heathen overseas," and souvenirs brought home by missionaries to explain the Other to Canadian church people.
Co-written by the director of Changing Church through Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and a leader of Christian Reformed Home Missions, Growing People Through Small Groups is a practical guide for leading a small Group ministry that focuses upon what the people need rather than rigid programs.
Alexander Forbes, convener of the home missions committee of the Presbytery of Edmonton, and his wife, Agues, spent two months travelling into the heart of the Peace River district, covering a total of 1,000 miles by team and 300 miles by water.