home network

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home network

(1) A central system for controlling lights and appliances in the home. See home control network.

(2) A home network comprises the computers and mobile devices connected to each other for Internet access as well as file and printer sharing. A wireless router is the only hardware necessary to create a home network, which is technically a local area network (LAN) and Wi-Fi hotspot (access point).

We Have a What?
Many users would answer "no" if asked "do you have a home network." However, everyone with a wireless router and two or more devices (computers, tablets or smartphones) has a home network. See wireless router, LAN and Wi-Fi hotspot. Contrast with business network.
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Simple to Manage Monitors and controls the entire home network via the MyFios app from anywhere
Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (HHS OIG) approved a proposal for the private LTCI nursing home network in an advisory opinion.
--the home network is remotely operated by (robot) hot liners that finely pitch the installation, maintenance and upgrade operations of the home network;
The Wi-Fi Clinic, first introduced in collaboration with retail giant Carrefour, offers quick and easy troubleshooting with highly trained 'Wi-Fi Doctors', making sure home networks are fit and healthy.
provide families with a secured and faster home network experience," said
Our proposed cloud-based home digital devices monitoring and control system consists of two major parts, the home network and a data server.
With up to 1TB of capacity, a rechargeable battery, and Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB 3.0 connectivity, the Voyager Air enables digital media enthusiasts to consolidate an entire collection of movies, music, or other documents for sharing on their home network or on the go.
The device works perfectly for wireless connections and I have used it to connect the Xbox 360 wirelessly to the home network. It also streams 3D and HD and uses only 0.5 watts in standby mode, making it eco-friendly, too.
Beyond speed and range, the NETGEAR N900 offers a long list of advanced features that make home networks more useful and easier to manage.
Summary: The app iTMC streams music, videos and photos to devices connected to the home network
"Whenever a new access to the home network is found, it should be able to authenticate and authorize it and enforce the security policy based on rules set by the home administrator," said the researchers.

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