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1. the environment or habitat of a person or animal
a. a building or organization set up to care for orphans, the aged, etc.
b. an informal name for a mental home
3. Sport one's own ground
a. the objective towards which a player strives in certain sports
b. an area where a player is safe from attack
5. Lacrosse
a. one of two positions of play nearest the opponents' goal
b. a player assigned to such a position
6. Baseball another name for home plate
7. Sport relating to one's own ground


Baron. See (Baron) Home of the Hirsel
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What does it mean when you dream about a home?

Independence and dependency mark the feelings of going home. Home also represents security issues and childlike desires that need to be fulfilled. (See also Mansion).

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(computer science)
The location at the upper left-hand corner of an electronic display.
To return to the starting position, as in a stepping relay or turning motor.
To navigate toward a point by maintaining constant some navigational parameter other than altitude.
To travel to a target by guidance of heat radiation, radar echoes, radio waves, sound waves, laser beams, or other phenomena reflected from or originating in the target, as in homing missiles and homing torpedoes.
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To follow a path of energy waves, especially radio or radar waves, by means of a directional antenna, radar equipment, or other sensing devices, to or toward the point of transmission or reflection of the waves.
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Facebook Home

A Facebook "social overlay" for an Android smartphone. Introduced in 2013, Home was preloaded on selected phones and available for others in the Google Play store. Facebook Home puts Facebook front and center as the user interface. The home screen ("Cover Feed") shows posts from the user's News Feed. In 2013, Home became available for certain HTC and Samsung phones, and the HTC First from AT&T was the first phone preloaded with Home.

After one month on the market, Home did not garner accolades, except from the Facebook faithful. AT&T lowered the price of the HTC First from $99 to 99 cents, and Google Play Store reviews were not impressive. A subsequent update made Home less unique. See Facebook.

Google Home

Google's counterpart to Amazon's Echo. Announced in 2016, Home is a virtual assistant and wireless speaker that streams music via YouTube Music (previously Google Play Music). Home can be used to control lights and other household devices and also connect to other Home speakers in different rooms. Like Echo, Home is a stand-alone device that is placed in a convenient location in the home. Google Home was one of the first Google products to use Google Assistant, the evolution of Google Now.

Home Mini and Max
In 2017, Google introduced a smaller, less expensive Home Mini and a larger, more expensive Home Max. All models have the same features as the Home with the primary difference being sound quality. See Amazon Echo and Google Assistant.

Home Hub Smart Display
The Google Home Hub adds a 7" screen and smart home control to Google Home, although it cannot video call (no camera). When not being used, the Hub can display a clock or photo slide show. Home View groups all the connected audio and smart devices for centralized control of the home, and it can display what the doorbell camera is viewing. See smart display and smart home.

The Google Home
The Home sits almost anywhere in the room, but does require AC power. Although the original Home offered decent sound quality, the smaller Mini and larger Max offer more choices.

Lenovo Smart Display
Based on Google Assistant and the Google Home app, Lenovo's Smart Display, which has an 8" or 10" screen, is used for getting answers, watching videos, video calling and smart home control. Like Google Home, "Hey Google" wakes the unit. (Image courtesy of Lenovo, www.lenovo.com)

home page

The first page retrieved when accessing a website or the first screen displayed when a smartphone or tablet is started. It provides the main menu and starting point for the rest of the content on the site or device. See home screen, Web page and INDEX.HTML.

home screen

The first screen of information displayed when a mobile device is started. Also called the "home page" and "main menu," it typically displays a group of icons that are clicked or tapped to activate applications and internal functions. For computers, the startup screen displays the desktop, and it is sometimes also called the home screen. See home button, widget, main menu and desktop.

An Early iPhone Home Screen
Call it the "home screen," "home page" or "main menu," this is what appears when an iPhone is turned on. Home screens are not identical because users rearrange icons as they please.
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They had already served half their term, yet nothing could arouse them from despair and homesickness, from which many of them actually died, while the wiry, irrepressible city boys generally recovered." (28)
In fact, there was some evidence that attachment insecurity (NL) or conflict with parents (UK) were related to certain aspects of homesickness. Interestingly too, a differentiated picture emerged in the UK data: while mother's perceived aggression was associated with reduced homesickness (missing family subscale), perceived physical threat on the part of a father was associated with increased homesickness (adjustment subscale).
Attachment likely became of interest to homesickness researchers because of the distress insecurely attached children experience when separated from their primary caregiver in an unfamiliar setting (Ainsworth & Bell, 1970).
For others, their homesickness worsens day by day to the point of anxiety, or even a depressed mood with tearfulness, lethargy and perhaps somatic complaints such as headache and stomachache.
Hope College (Mich.) leaders also understand the prevalence of homesickness among first-year students and have put much effort and resources into combating it.
Referring to his homesickness, the Scottish International said: "I haven't found a place to live yet.
A wide range of domains impacted the students' acculturation successes: language learning, school life, racial dynamics, hobbies and activities, making future plans, cultural differences, friendships, homesickness, peer relationships, career plans, support in the US, dating, trips home, and insider/outsider feelings.
So one fine summer day, and without any concern for the worry she would cause her family, off goes Molly Midnight into that world where she unexpectedly encounters some rather saucy butterflies, slithery snakes, superstitious people, an airplane ride, hunger, homesickness, and in the process, discovers the secret of a painter's art.
In the more self-reflective poems from the collection, I ponder what weighs in my heart--my homesickness, the easiness of nostalgia from a distance, and the need for honesty.
The second article is Divine Homesickness: "What's' Too Painful to Remember, We Simply Choose to Forget" by Cathleen Jackson.