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"Employers who offer the option of homeworking often say that it improves staff retention and productivity.
For the preliminary data collection, an interview session was carried out to explore the data on homeworking in QS firms.
Technology has often been seen as a key barrier to the adoption of homeworking. Now, advances in IT and telecoms have enabled more and more of us to work from home and also provide a means of training contact centre staff.
Shaun Smith (left) and Craig Bradley could face a pounds 6m compensation order including their Porsche and BMW cars for their homeworking scam
Nevertheless, many consultants, such as Cynthia Froggatt, author of Work Naked, believe that companies can derive significant benefits from homeworking by simply following a set of principles.
The second perspective, driven by a concern with the quality of working life, has addressed the impact of homeworking on the homeworkers themselves.
Homeworking may be resisted by employers who fear losing control of quality or hours, possible extra costs, technological difficulties etc.
The study,"'Homeworking: Home Office or Home Sweatshop", was funded by the Network for New Approaches to Lifelong Learning, a research group headed from the University of Toronto's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.
A TRADING standards chief has called on the Whack to ask newsagents across the country to display a notice in windows declaring that they will NOT accept adverts for homeworking or envelope addressing schemes.
Many are relying on business center providers and hybrid satellite offices to take up the slack and put back lost amenities as they strive to adjust to homeworking and mobile working.
The top UAE travel trends were unveiled by the Dubai-based branch of global homeworking company, Travel Counsellors, at the My Travel Counsellors' Conference last month, provided insight into the key booking patterns and destination preferences of its discerning customers.