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A tissue that has been finely divided and mixed.



a suspension of subcellular particles of pulverized animal or plant tissue in a buffer or other solution; the suspension is usually obtained with the aid of a special device called a homogenizer. Differential centrifugation, among other methods, is used to separate such microscopic cell structures as organelles and such molecular structures as proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids from the homogenate. Homogenates are also used to study biochemical reactions outside an organism (in vitro).

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Univariate PERMANOVA for the richness of bacterial colony types from the homogenate samples revealed that on average, significantly more morphologically distinct types of bacteria were cultured on marine agar (mean 1.
In comparison, incubation with mouse feces homogenate did hardly change the crocin pattern (Table 1C) or led to the formation of significant amounts of trans-crocetin.
In mice challenged with a homogenate prepared from the brain of patient UK-VV, 5 of 14 HuVV, 2 of 14 HuMV, and 1 of 15 HuMM mice showed evidence of PrP deposits (Table 2).
GPx activity in the homogenate was estimated following the method of Rotruck et al.
Sample from dog known to have coon hound disease: For this sample, add fish homogenate and 10% turmeric, so the tube has both enzyme activity and "antibody" present.
Harlan surface (1), (2), Harlan whole body homogenate, and Colorado surface isolates were determined to be facultative anaerobes, and the isolates from the whole body homogenate and surface swab from the Colorado strain were obligate aerobes.
With each diet, the activity of acetyl-CoA carboxylase in the nuclei-free homogenate measured both in the presence and absence of avidin was significantly higher than in the supernantant (100,000gav x 90 min) fraction, which indicates that some of the acetyl-CoA carboxylase activity had been lost by co-sedimentation of the polymeric (active) acetyl-CoA carboxylase with sub-cellular organelles during the preparation of this fraction.
T] are the volumes of saline and tissue in the homogenate, respectively.
The cytotoxic activity of the spleen homogenate isolated from DV infected mice was tested using normal mouse spleen cells as target.
Edema development after cerebral ischemia resulted in the decrease in neuronal osmomolarity and a loss of BBB integrity) Deterioration of molecular and enzymatic antioxidant defence activity in young as well as aged rat brain homogenate was observed after short-time cerebral ischemia and reperfusion) QC as well as CDP-Choline in mannosylated liposome treatment prior to ischemic insult resulted in an absolute protection to molecular and enzymatic antioxidant systems of brain of young and aged rats) Decreased protection against toxic radicals that are generated in cerebral ischemia and reperfusion may have serious consequences for the aging brain)