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(həmŏj'ənəzā`shən), process in which a mixture is made uniform throughout. Generally this procedure involves reducing the size of the particles of one component of the mixture and dispersing them evenly throughout the other component. Probably the most familiar example of a homogenized product is commercially sold milk. In milk that has not been homogenized the globules of fat range in diameter from approximately 1 to 20 micrometers (millionths of a meter), or 40 to 800 millionths of an inch. This allows them to separate out from the rest of the milk if it is allowed to stand. After homogenization the globules are reduced to a range of sizes clustering closely about 1 micrometer and remain stably dispersed through the milk. Homogenization is usually accomplished by pumping the milk through a small opening at high pressure. Milk that has been homogenized is better suited for shipment in paper containers but deteriorates more rapidly than unhomogenized milk.



in metallurgy, the creation of a homogeneous (uniform) structure in alloys by getting rid of concentrated microirregularities formed in alloys during crystallization, diffusion metal spraying, and so forth. For homogenization, alloys are subjected to heat treatment—so-called diffusion or homogenizing annealing—during which for the diffusion processes the chemical composition in microvolumes is made uniform and commensurable with the size of the grains of the alloy. The annealing temperature is usually 0.8 to 0.9 of the temperature at which the alloy melts down. The duration of such annealing varies from one hour to several dozen hours and depends on the type of alloy, its structure, and the degree to which inhomogeneity is liquated. Homogenization improves the technological plasticity of alloys, increases the stability of the mechanical properties, and decreases their directionality.

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During this study, unidirectional composite effective properties were determined by using the finite element based homogenization in the same way as for establishing the properties of RVE presented in Fig.
In particular, mean-field homogenization combines the properties of the underlying constituents of a multi-phase material so that the original heterogeneous material is represented by an equivalent homogeneous one (Figure 4).
This model is almost same as previous model except that four out of seventeen heterogeneities were placed inside the cluster of eight fuel pins instead of four fuel pins, in order to increase the local homogenization.
The microfibril then enters into the absorption cell homogenization through complete mixing.
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As we find, though homogenization is their strategy of control, ironically they often resort to the strategy of difference, difference from the powerless to maintain their hierarchical superiority, but this difference is to be acceptable within homogeneous cultural political order-that of one central authority and one cultural system.
RTS SolidPrep provides reproducible homogenization without localized heating or increased drug degradation and can save up to 90% of the time typically taken for sample homogenization, according to the company.
Bergisch Gladbach, Germany 6/9/08--Miltenyi Biotec GmbH has purchased Medic Tools AG, which sells the Dispomix homogenization system.
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Drawing on his memoir of his time at the United Nations and records of the Declaration's creation, he argues that Humprey's ideas and values could provide a foundation now to fight the homogenization that globalization is spreading through the human population.
Internal reflection to randomize entrance angles at output aperture, resulting in a homogenization of the original light source's spatial intensity distribution.
Bematek's Process Test Laboratory provides complete product testing for the purpose of manufacturing specific products such as lotions, creams, foods, and purees that require precise homogenization.