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One tweeted: " Oh John - it's not men uncomfortable with gay men it's homophobes such as yourself #cbb."
The words in question include "homophobe", "homophobia", "heterosexism", and other similar terms.
Ahmed, the self-confessed homophobe, has been sent in there with gay men to cause friction - he's first to walk out.
TYSON FURY admits he might have been "a bigot, a sexist and a homophobe" - but denies he is a drugs cheat.
This hate for the media is mainly because of the way he has been presented as a homophobe and racist by the media.
She wrote: "This is a sensitive subject and I want to clarify that, while I know James isn't a homophobe and I didn't intend for my tweets to be read that way, I did want to confront an issue that I feel really strongly about and which is what I had hoped to highlight.
"Is our country so divided that the Republicans' best hope is a narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe?" - Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan on Sarah Palin (pictured).
The assembly Member who has decided to quit an Assembly post claimed yesterday that anyone criticising the Assembly's equality policy risked being branded a racist, sexist or homophobe.