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In the introductory remarks of PG, Bishop Paul-Andre Durocher impressively states the goal of pastoral care of students in Catholic schools: "to help them be formed in the image of Christ." He acknowledges that "we have not always been sensitive to the particular needs of students with a same-sex orientation." Yet, although making the school community a truly Christian environment is a crucial goal of the resource guide, he wants us to know (unlike Arbour and Blackburn who want gayness "affirmed" and "accepted") that unless the dangers concerning homosexual inclination and practice are faced and accompany the Church's sound pastoral teaching and guidance, we will not succeed in meeting the needs of these students.
But a statement in the document rejecting "every sign of unjust discrimination" against homosexuals drew criticism from an Italian Christian gay association and a reform movement called We Are Church.
Only two marked Agree that homosexuality is a mental disorder and seven marked Somewhat Agree that homosexuals need psychological treatment.
As the most honest revisionists admit, the Bible has nothing good to say about homosexual sexual acts.
For instance, a finding that the best environment for a child is with a married couple would justify a preference for placement with married couples, but not a prohibition on placement with homosexuals. A finding that nonmarital cohabiting relationships are unstable would not justify treating homosexual cohabitants differently from heterosexuals.
But the statute applied to heterosexuals as well as homosexuals, and while the judge thoroughly probed the nature of the mother's relationship with her lesbian partner in graphic detail, he never questioned the grandmother's sexual practices.
Pressure for homosexual "marriages" has arisen in the United States, England, Canada and Australia.
Margaret Mead is praised as "nonjudgemental" of homosexuals (p 170).
Traditionalist conservatives understand that marriage confers special status under hidden law, which is why they so fiercely oppose extending it to homosexuals. I understand that marriage confers special status, which is why I favor extending it to homosexuals.
A recent TVC letter warned about 11 pending pieces of legislation in California that, if passed, would implement the "homosexual agenda."