honey bear

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honey bear:

see bearbear,
large mammal of the family Ursidae in the order Carnivora, found almost exclusively in the Northern Hemisphere. Bears have large heads, bulky bodies, massive hindquarters, short, powerful limbs, very short tails, and coarse, thick fur.
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; kinkajoukinkajou
, nocturnal, arboreal mammal, Potos flavus, found from Mexico to Brazil and related to the raccoon. It has a long, slender body with soft, short, woolly hair of any of various shades of brown or yellow.
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It was an unlikely cross between a supermarket display stand and a mysterious mystic monolith, done in grayish pale purple, on which Harrison had coyly arranged every brand of squeeze-bottle honey bear she could find.
Fruth opened its first freestanding gift, card and floral shop last year, a 9,500-square-foot outlet called the Honey Bear Tree.
We're trying to get the honey bear listed as endangered," says Alsisto, "as it is still considered game at the moment, although hunting licences have been frozen.
One pattern, Honey Bear, is a licensed stoneware design by Cecil Saydah Co.
We hear about her country life, her dog Honey Bear, her new granddaughter.
He beat a fast retreat when the operation failed but immediately started on a second plan, known in the military as Operation Honey Bear and occasionally referred to incorrectly as Honey Badger.
There's Honey Bear Honey Bottle at Snow Hill, The Bear That Cares at New Street Station, Wildlife Detective at Sutton Coldfield Station and Sun Moon Bear at Victoria Square.
A honey bear, a baboon, a macaw and a boxing kangaroo named Somerset - which he tried to teach to dance - were among the menagerie he kept.